The Syllabus

What's Coming Next: 2019 Content Schedule


Focus: Creating your Signature Style

How to gather inspiration
Finding your signature style
Member success story
Live Call



Focus: Year end review

Setting goals for 2019
Planning for your most successful year
LINoteworthy Resources + Tutorials


Focus: Why Artists MUST have an Email List

Design Challenge #1 Announcement

How to Grow your Email List [2-Part Training]

Live Q&A Call


Focus: Product Mockups

Design Challenge #2 Announcement

Your 90 Day Plan to Launch ANYTHING Online [2-Part Training]

Live Q&A Call


Focus: Product Mockups

Design Challenge #3 Announcement

How to photograph your own mockup templates

A set of ready-to-use mockups for your patterns

Live Q&A Call


Focus: Making a List of Contacts

Design Challenge #4 Announcement

My little 'black list' of companies I’d love to work with (and you might, too!)

2019 Q1 Trend Report

Live Q&A Call


Focus: Submitting Your Work

Design Challenge #5 Announcement

Etiquette For Submitting Your Portfolio

Sample Emails and Swipe Files to help communicating with companies about your work.

Live Q&A Call


Focus: Bi-Annual Survey

Design Challenge #6 Announcement

Bi-Annual Survey

2019 Q2 Trend Report

Live Q&A Call

Challenge Announcement

Best Practices for File Organization

How to Set up Files for Delivery

Live Q&A

Challenge Announcement

10-in-10 Live Session

Membership Sites 101

Membership Site Strategy

Live Q&A

Challenge Announcement

Portfolio Types

Overview of File Types & Color Profiles

Live Q&A

Challenge Announcement

Facebook Marketing 101

Advanced Facebook Marketing 

Live Q&A

Challenge Announcement 

Goal Setting for Success

Time Management + Workflow Pro

Live Q&A


Challenge Announcement

Overview of Design Apps for the iPad 

Procreate Workflow for Surface Design

Live Q&A

*Challenge prize drawings!

The Library

What's Already Inside: Last Updated April 2019

  • Challenge Rules
  • January 2019 Challenge
  • February 2019 Challenge
  • March 2019 Challenge
  • April 2019 Challenge
  • 10 End Of The Year Blog Post Ideas
  • How to Choose Complimentary Fonts [+ Resources]
  • How to Design a Blog Post in Adobe Illustrator
  • How To Find The Original Source For Images Online [Etiquette]
  • How To Host A Blog Tour [Pro Tips]
  • 10 Seconds Of Courage Is All You Need
  • 10 Tips For Becoming A Surface Pattern Designer
  • Copyright For Artists
  • eCommerce: 5 Ways To Guide A Customer Through An Online Shop
  • Goal Setting: Choosing An Industry
  • Goal Setting: Mark Your Mission
  • How To Cherish The Hardest Time In Your Career
  • How To Get Your Work Noticed + What To Charge For It
  • How To Learn Anything You Want To
  • How To Quit Your Day Job
  • Learn How To Submit Your Work [Pro Tips]
  • Make a Portfolio that WOWS
  • Motherhood: Tips For Working At Home
  • Motherhood: Tips For Finding Time
  • My Biggest Secret To Success
  • Protect Yourself: What To Look For When Reviewing A Contract
  • Setting Up A Booth Display [Pro Tips]
  • The One Question You Should Ask Yourself Before You Publish
  • Tradeshow Questions & Answers
  • What You Must Do To Get Found
  • Your Checklist For Entering The 'Real World' As A Designer
  • 30 Days to a Collection
  • How To Make A Color Palette That WOWS
  • Gathering Inspiration For A Pattern Collection
  • Designing Coordinates For A Pattern Collection
  • Designing a Focal Or "Hero" Print For A Collection
  • Completing Collections & Building a Portfolio
  • How to Gather Inspiration + 6 Steps to Collection Creation
  • Finding Your Signature Style
  • How To Take Your Own Product Mockup Photos
  • How To Create Mockup Templates
  • 6 .SVG Files [For A Cutting Machine]
  • 10 Photo Frames
  • Autumn Harvest
  • Botanical Stems
  • Circled Numbers
  • Confetti Dots
  • Eventual Florals
  • Florals, Cake & Celebrations
  • Leaves + Florals: Spring Anytime
  • Leaves + Florals: Forest Foliage
  • Leaves + Florals: Ferns and Fronds
  • Leaves + Florals: Forest Finds
  • Plant Domes + Terrariums
  • Ribbons and Banners
  • Stationery Cards, Tags and Bows
  • Turning Page "Flips"
  • Washi Tape Clip Art Bundle
  • Watercolor Textures
  • Wreaths and Floral Elements
  • How to Grow your List - Part I
  • How to Grow your List Part II
  • Add This One Thing To Your Emails TODAY!
  • How To Grow + Engage Your List
  • Which Email Marketing Service Providers Should I Use?
  • Why Your Email List Is Everything
  • Setting Goals for 2019
  • How To Have Your Most Productive Year Ever
  • Allie Marie Smith: Breaking Up with Your Ideal Self
  • Asking The Experts: Why Do You Love Being A Surface Pattern Designer?
  • Erin Godbey: Party Planning 101
  • Lisa Jacobs: How to Stand Out in an Overcrowded Marketplace
  • Jena Coray: How to Get in the Marketing Flow
  • Jessica Swift: The Pattern Maker
  • Rachael Taylor: Taking Risks & Designing Your Way
  • Tara Gentile: How to Use the Power of Positioning to Supercharge Your Business Story
  • Be Yourself - Everyone Else Is Taken
  • Choose Joy
  • Climb Your Way Up
  • Do What Makes Your Soul Shine
  • Every Day is a Fresh Start
  • Great Things Are Accomplished ...
  • How To Make Your Own Desktop Calendars
  • It Always Seems Impossible
  • It Doesn't Matter What Others Are Doing
  • It Won't Be Easy
  • Jump Out Of Bed
  • Let The Beauty We Love Be What we Do
  • Live simply. Give generously. Learn always.
  • Open Your Mind, It's Beautiful Inside
  • Some Things Take Time
  • The Things You Are Passionate About Are Not Random, They Are Your Calling
  • The Secret to Getting Ahead
  • Today Is Going To Be Awesome!
  • With Brave Wings She Flies
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • Your 90 Day Plan to Launch ANYTHING Online [Part 1: The Prelaunch]
  • Your 90 Day Plan to Launch ANYTHING Online [Part 2: The Launch]
  • 3 Of My Favorite Marketing Strategies
  • Copywriting: 4 Steps To Writing Great Product Descriptions
  • Copywriting: Writing Copy To Address Your Customers Concerns
  • Copywriting: The Art Of Copywriting
  • Going Beyond A Business By Building A Brand
  • (1) How My Business Changed When I Began "Selling With No Ceiling"
  • (2) My Favorite Ways To Create Residual Income Streams
  • (3) What You Can Expect To Earn
  • How to Connect, Collaborate + Organize Projects
  • How To Get Started + Stay Motivated
  • How To KNOCK OUT Your To-Do List
  • Is Your Workflow Working?
  • Stop Being So Busy
  • Stop Feeling S T U C K
  • Time Management Skills
  • Your Avatar: Developing Your Ideal Customer
  • Your Avatar: How To Reach + Engage Your Ideal Customer (or Client)
  • Meet Diane Rooney: Faith and action. It opens doors!
  • Meet Nancy Noreth: And be Inspired!
  • Product Photography 101
  • Photography Equipment + Resources Galore
  • Photography Styles (And Why You Need One)
  • Post Processing Photo Flow
  • Creating Visual Content: Tips For Video + Audio Setup
  • How To Make Your Own Stop Motion Videos [Tutorial]
  • Three Types Of Videos You Can Easily Make In iMovie
  • Providing Value + Income Through Videos
  • Art Print: Let The Beauty We Love Be What We Do
  • Christmas: Gift Tags
  • Gift: Mother's Day Seed Packets
  • Gift: Patterned Bookplates
  • Greeting Card: Happy Birthday
  • Greeting Card: Father's Day Card
  • Greeting Card: Mother's Day
  • Greeting Card: Oh, Hello Card
  • Greeting Card: Psst Card
  • Easter: Gift Card + Tag Set
  • Fall To Do List
  • Spring Cleaning Checklist
  • Tea Tags
  • Tutorial: CD Label & Envelope Patterns + .SVG Cut Files
  • Thanksgiving: Give Thanks Kid's Coloring Pages
  • Thanksgiving: Festive Menu
  • Printable: Goals + Dreams Worksheet
  • Printable: Patterned Envelopes
  • Printable: Patterned Shipping Labels
  • Printable: To Do List [Video Tutorial]
  • Live Q&A April 2019
  • Live Q&A March 2019
  • Live Q&A February 2019
  • Live Q&A January 2019
  • Live Q&A December 2018
  • Live Q&A November 2018
  • Live Q&A October 2018
  • Live Q&A September 2018
  • Live Q&A May 25th, 2018
  • Live Q&A: A behind the scenes look at working with companies
  • Quilt Market Q&A with Tessie Faye
  • Interview with Jessica Swift - all about COLOR!
  • Q4 Live Q&A Session 2017
  • Q3 Live Q&A Session 2017
  • Q2 Live Q&A Session 2017
  • Q1 Live Q&A Session 2017
  • Going LIVE from QuiltCon with Pat Bravo, Amy Sinibaldi & Katarina Roccella
  • Interview with (my!) accountant Amy Northard
  • Interview with Attorney for Creatives, Christina Scalera
  • The Ultimate Resource Guide
  • My Personal Supply List
  • Bookshelf: 4 Books To Read
  • Bookshelf: 5 Must Read Books On Artful Living
  • eBook: 12 Things That Make My Business T H R I V E
  • Earbuds: Four Podcasts I Can't Live Without
  • eBook: Bookbinding 101
  • eBook: How To Grow Your Blog
  • eBook: My Journey To Becoming A Surface Pattern Designer
  • Noteworthy Resources: Edition 1
  • Pros And Cons: Wacom Vs. iPad Pro + Apple Pencil
  • The 3 Text Replacements That Changed My Work Flow
  • What I Wish I Had Known When I Was Starting Out
  • Being Intentional With Instagram
  • How To Grow An Authentic Following
  • Instagram For Your Brand: Tools For Success
  • Behind The Scenes: Speaking at Skillshare Headquarters
  • Behind The Scenes: What It Takes To Launch A Course
  • Creating Content For A Course [Pro Tips]
  • Teaching Platforms
  • Why You Might Consider Teaching + 10 Steps to Course Creation
  • House Portraits
  • Urban Jungle
  • Vintage Garden

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