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What is the Immersion Course?

The Surface Design Immersion Course is a beloved 8 week online training program for those who want to learn Adobe Illustrator, the art of surface pattern design, how to become a licensing artist and create a sustainable business as a creative entrepreneur. 

Whether you’re brand new or established and ready to soar, this course will meet you where you’re at and help you accomplish your BIG goals. You know the ones because they're scary and vulnerable to say out loud. I believe it’s important to set BIG goals and then ACHIEVE them.

The best way to accomplish your big goals is to immerse yourself in the learning, the industry and in the community.

The Immersion course is taught through 6 modules released over an 8 week period. Each module contains impactful video lessons that build on each other, actionable assignments and downloadable resources. Students are fully supported by the support team, Live Q&A sessions and the thriving community. Bonnie is fully accessible and active in the private student portal, answering questions, providing feedback and sharing her knowledge and inspiration along the way. 

JOIN 1000's of STUDENTS who have CRAFTED a CAREER they LOVE 

 "Bonnie opened doors for me that I never knew were possible. She opened my mind to what I can achieve with my life."
- Mable Tan

Hey, there! I'm Bonnie.

And, I've been there.

As a completely self-taught designer, I know the value of shared information. After spending years learning on my own, teaching tens of thousands of students and working as a professional designer for the past 11 years, I have developed the ultimate Immersion course; something that I could have only dreamed of taking when I was starting. Let me save you years of learning on your own. YES, years! 

So many times people hold tightly the things that they’ve learned, but I'm here to share it all with you. Learn all of the secrets, the nuances and the skills you need to become successful. There's room for you.

"Taking the Immersion Course literally changed my life." - Katalin Klecz

Hear from over 175 students from all over the world and from every life stage who have crafted a career they love.

Nancy Noreth

There are a few experiences in my career as an illustrator and surface pattern designer that I can consider life changing. One of those experiences is coming across Bonnie Christine. As an artist I have come across many workshops and courses but not all have been as valuable as Bonnie's. The knowledge and skills that she shares is far from being generic. Not only does she share her experiences, she teaches the necessary tools you need to grow and blossom in your career. She has been an important mentor in my career, and a beautiful kindred spirit!

Heather & Carlie | Carlie & Co

2 years ago, I quit my C-suite job as a banker and moved the South of France and started a stationery company with my 15 year-old daughter. Inside the Immersion Course, Bonnie not only taught me EVERYTHING I needed to know about creating a beautiful portfolio of designs, but she also gave me confidence and a whole new perspective on how to pursue and market our business. Bonnie is much more than a teacher; she’s a coach and savvy business woman. Now we have a thriving company with a full line of notebooks, bags, and cards, all with our own artwork.

Dora Cuenca 

I was curious about taking the Immersion Course for a while, but kept telling myself I probably didn't need it, since I have a degree in Graphic Design. However I was feeling stuck and I had so many questions about the industry. I am a stay at home mom of 3 little ones, so Time is GOLD! Trying to teach myself all these things was taking forever and was also lonely. I took the plunge and signed up for Immersio. It was one of the best decisions I made for my business. I'm now working on finishing up two collections to share with potential clients and finding more time to make murals. I'm really grateful for Bonnie's way of teaching and the community she has brought together!

+ Master Adobe Illustrator
+ Create Repeating Patterns
+ Work in Collections
+ Build a Portfolio
+ Choose an Industry
+ Start Making Contacts


+ Discover & Hone Your Signature Style
+ Understand Contracts, Licenses & Copyrights
+ Propel Your Career with Industry Resources
+ Build Confidence as a Designer
+ Design your Brand
+ Stay Motivated, Focused & Inspired



As an Immersion Student, you'll always have access to the 2021 course. You can work away at your own pace and revisit the course content again and again. Revisit, rewind and refresh anytime you need to!


Join students from all over the world as Bonnie personally guides you through the depths of this course. Share your work, your struggles and... your SUCCESSES! Bonnie is fully accessible and the community is ready to support you.


Get all your questions answered with LIVE interactive Q&A calls, a place to share your work and a way to connect deeply with other students. Connecting with the community and meeting other like-minded creatives is part of what makes this experience so magical.


Follow the curriculum as it's released, or work at your own pace. Either way, you’ll have prompts, actionable assignments and an approachable, bite sized curriculum to help keep you on track.


As a student of the 2021 course, you'll be invited to partake in the beloved peer group program. While it's completely optional, connecting with your peers can deepen the experience and help you along your path to success.


The course is backed by a 100% satisfaction 14 day money-back guarantee. You can invest in your future absolutely risk free. If you're unhappy with Immersion in the first 2 weeks, I'll give you your money back.

"You’ve got to do the hard work; you’ll thank yourself a year from now. I know I am." - Mable Tan


The Immersion Course online training program for surface pattern design, delivered to students through a private course portal. The training is broken up into 6 modules, delivered to students over the course of 8 weeks.

"I have learned more in this course than I did in a whole year in college studying graphic design. Immersion literally changed everything for me." - Patty Basemi


Intro to Illustrator


Whether you're brand new to Illustrator or have some experience, learning the foundations of Illustrator is essential. We’ll start with the basics, establish a workflow and progress to the most advanced techniques and tools you’ll need as we work through the entire program in an approachable, easy to learn format.

Illustrator Mastery


Learn how to take your advanced illustrator skills and begin making art. Discover how to create artwork from sketches, photos, paintings, foraged items, lettering and more. Learn the art of colors in Adobe and master all of the color tools available to you.

Repeating Patterns Pro


Begin to explore or hone your signature style, then move on to learning how to build every type of complex repeating pattern in Adobe Illustrator. You'll learn how to create tossed, geometric, layered, textured, striped, diagonal and border patterns.

Collection Creation


Learn the art of creating complete surface pattern design collections. Discover ways to weave a story into your designs and gather inspiration to create a heartfelt consistent and balanced approach to each collection. Build a portfolio that will captivate your audience with a presentation that will stop them in their tracks.

Licensing Your Art


Learning how to license your artwork is the key component to creating a sustainable career. Learn how to choose an industry, find companies who are licensing and who you need to get in touch with. By the end of Module 5, you'll be comfortable with licenses, copyright and contracts. 

Creative Entrepreneurship


Learn how to promote your work and build the confidence you need to work as a professional. This module is how to create a sustainable career from your art. We’ll dive into creating multiple streams of income and what it looks like to work with a client in real life.


Class begins on Monday, March 1st 2021

Module 1

Intro to Illustrator

We begin the Immersion course by learning the foundations of Illustrator. Whether you're brand new or more experienced, we’ll start with the basics, establish a workflow and progress to the most advanced techniques and tools you’ll need.

You'll learn the entire program in an approachable, easy to learn format. This will save you years of learning on your own!

Illustrator is the single most beneficial and necessary program for your career. All course material will be taught using the latest version of Adobe CC.

In this Module:

  • Begin learning Adobe Illustrator and all of the possibilities of this powerful program.
  • Build a custom workspace that feels comprehensive and complete.
  • Get familiar with the most powerful keyboard shortcuts.
  • Learn how to use the essential drawing tools to begin creating artwork.
  • Establish a designer's workflow to creating in Illustrator.
  • Begin working with color and creating custom color palettes. 
  • Learn about color and what makes certain palettes work.
  • Begin sourcing your own inspiration.
  • Learn best practices for sketching and begin putting pencil to paper (this is the fun part!).

Now that you're comfortable in Illustrator, it's time to begin making artwork.

"Immersion was such a motivational & encouraging force. Bonnie instructs with precision, and her authenticity is obvious." - Becky Schick

Module 2

Illustrator Mastery

Now that you're familiar with all of Illustrator's tools, it's time to put them to work! Discover how to create artwork from sketches, photos, paintings, foraged items, lettering and more. Learn the art of colors in Adobe and master all of the color tools available to you.

In Module 2:

  • How to create artwork from your sketches and doodles.
  • How to create artwork from photographs that you've taken out in the wild.
  • How to create artwork from paintings and learn Bonnie's exclusive process for maintaining a painterly look in Illustrator. 
  • Design artwork native from right within Illustrator.
  • Learn how to build layers and add textures to make your work more detailed and dynamic.
  • Learn how a drawing tablet or iPad can aid in your design work (these are not essential!).
  • How to create artwork from foraged finds and gathered goods.
  • How to color your motifs and use Illustrators color tools to their fullest capacity. 

After Module 2, we'll have an implementation week where you can practice what you've learned and be fully supported by our team and 3 live Q&A sessions.

Now that you've mastered Adobe Illustrator, it's time to move on to creating repeating patterns!

"I have searched high and low across the globe for a comprehensive pattern design course - I couldn’t have found a more perfect teacher or program than Immersion." - Divya

Module 3

Repeating Patterns Pro

Now that you’ve mastered Adobe Illustrator, we get to move on to the fun part, creating repeating patterns!

We’ll focus on exploring your signature style, then move on to learning how to build every type of complex repeating pattern.

In this module:

  • Learn the secret sauce to creating repeating patterns in Illustrator.
  • Learn how to troubleshoot the structure of your pattern when something isn't working.
  • Learn how to create:
    • tossed patterns
    • lined patterns
    • diagonal patterns
    • tiling squares
    • geometric patterns 
    • border prints / patterns
  • Best practices for file management and saving tips.
  • Learn professional techniques to finding a workflow in your design process.

Once you're comfortable creating patterns, it's time to begin working in collections. 

"It is absolutely THE best online course I've ever taken, and I've taken a TON. Bonnie is JOY! This course is the only one I have ever finished!" - Lisa Hetrick

Module 4

Collection Creation + Portfolio Building

Learn the art of creating complete surface pattern design collections. Discover ways to weave a story into your designs and gather inspiration to create a heartfelt consistent and balanced approach to each collection.

Build a portfolio that will captivate your audience with a presentation that will stop them in their tracks.

You'll learn how to gather inspiration and draw the viewer in through creating a heartfelt consistent approach to each collection.

In Module 4:

  • Learn the art to creating complete surface pattern design collections.
  • How to create inspiration boards and mood boards to ground your process.
  • Discover what makes a collection complete and cohesive.
  • Learn how to weave a story into your designs, plan for a collection and balance it through scale, color and complexity.
  • Learn how to name your collection, write its story and design a logo for your collection.
  • Why you must have a portfolio and the essentials things to include.
  • How to create mockups to show off your work.
  • Learn how to plan for a portfolio, design its pages, publish an Online version, order hard copy versions and even make your very own hard copy.

  • Watch as I demystify the steps to setting up your document, organizing your files and exporting your work for web and print applications.

Now that you're designing in collections, it's time to build your portfolio! After Module 4, we'll have an implementation week where you can begin creating your portfolio and be fully supported by our team and multiple live Q&A sessions. 

Once your portfolio is created, it's time to start licensing your work. 

"Making the decision to invest was scary, but there was something inside me that just pulled me towards it. This course was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It opened up a whole new world for me and I haven’t looked back yet." - Stephanie Roche

Module 5

 Licensing Your Artwork

Learning how to license your artwork is the key component to creating a sustainable career. Learn how to choose an industry, find companies who are licensing and who you need to get in touch with. By the end of Module 5, you'll have a comprehensive knowledge of licenses, copyrights and contracts. 

In this module, we’ll work to identify your target industry, find the right companies to work with, start making contacts, discuss working as a professional and launch your career as a licensing artist.

In this module:

  • Learn how to choose an industry to start with and how to make the first contact.
  • Learn how to submit your work in a way that helps you stand out from the crowd.
  • Discover what it's like to work with an art agent, and if it's right for you.  
  • Learn about tradeshows and if exhibiting at one is right for you.
  • Learn industry standards for income and royalty fees, plus what to charge for your own work.
  • Dive deep into the business side of surface pattern design as we cover accounting principles, copyrighting your work and signing contracts.

Now that you're licensing your work, it's time to become a creative entrepreneur  and build a sustainable business for longterm success.

"I think teaching someone with no background in design, how to go from 0-60 in 8 weeks is pretty powerful!" - Mila

Module 6

Creative Entrepreneurship 

In this Module, I’ll be sharing the biggest secrets to my success, as I teach you how to create residual income and shatter your biggest goals. 


Learn how to promote your work and build the confidence you need to work as a professional. This module is how to create a sustainable career from your art. We’ll dive into creating multiple streams of income and what it looks like to work with a client in real life.

In Module 6:

  • How to build and grow a brand for longterm success. 
  • How to use social media and your newsletter list to grow a community of loyal fans. 
  • How to create a heartfelt marketing campaign, so that you never feel 'salesy' again.
  • Gain confidence in your career as a surface pattern designer and putting yourself "out there".
  • Explore all the many different income streams available to artists and focus on how to layer in residual and recurring revenue to your business. 

Congratulations, you did it! We'll wrap up the Immersion Course with a grand graduation ceremony!

"The Immersion course is worth the price, hands down." - Kerrie Hubbard

"Even as an experienced artist and Illustrator user, I learned so much."
- Heather Lowery - Inkwood Press



6 Comprehensive Modules

150+ Video Training Lessons

Audio Downloads + Closed Captioning On Videos

Actionable Assignments, Downloadable Worksheets & Exercises

The Ability to Search Videos for Words & Phrases

Support, feedback and guidance from a community of like-minded BIG hearted creatives. 

Interactive Lesson Comments + Private Community

Live Q&A Calls

 "It is amazing how with a 3 months course you can transform your life completely! I am so happy and proud of my accomplishments!"
- Dora Bami

Learn from Bonnie Christine 

Internationally renowned Surface Pattern Designer, Entrepreneur and Award Winning Online Educator.


Bonnie has been creating artwork for brands and products around the world since 2009.

Her journey of being a completely self-taught designer and learning 'the hard way' is exactly what drives her passion for teaching. Over the past 9 years, she’s taught over 60,000 students the art of surface pattern design and the business side of being a successful creative entrepreneur.  

She’s watched countless students accomplish their biggest goals and begin the career of their dreams. Stories of students being able to finally leave their day job to work creatively full time, women who have retired their husbands or been able to stay at home with their children. Students have gone on to become fabric designers, launch their own manufacturing companies, release clothing lines and so much more.

Inside Immersion, you’ll learn directly from Bonnie both the technical and business side of becoming a successful surface pattern designer. After you learn the essential skills, her beloved training will also teach you how to grow your business, establish a reliable income, connect with your audience from the heart and embrace the freedom of working for yourself. Working for yourself provides the ultimate freedom - work anytime you want and from anywhere you want in the world.

"Before the course was even over, I signed my first fabric licensing deal!" 
- Josie Adams 2019 Alumni




Meet: Zhay Smith
The Power of a Peer Group
Meet: Dora Cuenca

Create the beauty you want to exist in the world. 100s of industries are waiting for your artwork. 





















And so much more.

"The Immersion Course has been such a gamer changer for me." - Elena Wilken



All students of the 2021 Immersion Course will also get the following bonuses!

The History of Surface Pattern Design


Join Bärbel Dressler as she teaches you about the background of surface pattern design from a historical perspective. You’ll learn how surface pattern design has evolved from pre-historic time up till today and learn how we can be inspired by historical pattern styles today.

Intro to Gesture Drawing


Level up your drawing skills with Meghann Rader by learning to capture the basic structure of your subject through the use of line, shape and speed. Gesture drawing gives life and energy to your art and can help you develop a natural, signature style. With practice it can become second nature to draw almost anything - like animals, people and flowers!

iPad Pro: Adobe Illustrator and Procreate


Join Genna Blackburn as she teaches you how to draw motifs on the iPad that can later be imported to Adobe Illustrator on the desktop to create repeating patterns. You'll learn her two favorite programs: Adobe Illustrator for iPad & Procreate. 

Surface Pattern Design meets Adobe Draw


Join Elena Wilken to create motifs for your repeating patterns using the iPad. She'll teach you the Adobe Illustrator DRAW app and help you embrace the freedom that creating away from your computer brings. Let your imagination and you Apple Pencil run wild and free!

Leverage your Art to Create More Income


Learn from Stacie Bloomfield how to take your licensing to the next level by creating DEMAND for your products from your own audience. If you've ever been interested in opening your own online store selling product, but don't want to take the risk of manufacturing TONS OF PRODUCT - this is for you.

Launch Your List: E-mail Marketing for the Creative


Join Kiley Bennett as she walks you through the step by step process of creating and launching an email list. Learn the impact e-mail marketing can have on your creative career, how to design a beautiful opt-in, set up a heartfelt e-mail sequence and allow your artwork to be seen by the world!


"I would have never guessed I'd be supporting myself doing something I love so much."
- Tasha Jeffries

Accomplish Your Biggest Dreams

Do one small thing every day. When big dreams seem overwhelming, begin reaching towards them by doing just one small thing each day. At the end of a week, a month and a year you will have made giant leaps towards accomplishing them. These will be the steps that will lead you to living your dream!

All It Takes Is 10 Seconds Of Courage

Some of life's biggest choices need only a few seconds of courage to make.

You can do this. You really really can!
All you have to do is decide to do it.
It will take sacrifice, dedication and hard work but you CAN do it.

You are strong. You are worthy.

I'm here to guide you the entire way.

Surface design creates a unique and especially beautiful career. It allows you to use your creativity to fulfill 3 HUGE goals - time freedom, location freedom and financial freedom.

  You want less stress and a career that allows you to express your creativity to its fullest.

  You want location freedom. The freedom to work from anywhere in the world.

  You want time freedom. To be able to choose what days of the week you work, and what hours in the day that you work.


  You want financial freedom. You're done trading time for money and working by the hour. 

  You want to create the beauty that you want to see exist in the world.

  You want to change your life. You're willing to commit and do the work, knowing that it takes work to create the life and career you want.


I left Immersion telling all my friends about this AMAZING course. I didn’t feel like anything could have been improved. I loved every minute. Once I started taking the course I was like “Yes, I am so glad I took this leap of faith!” - Sandra Eide


As a student of the 2021 Immersion Course you'll be supported by our amazing team of 7 experts and industry leaders as well as another 11 experienced surface designers and guides from all over the globe.

Tessie Fay

Community Director, Minnesota


Bärbel Dressler

Illustrator & Industry Expert, Sweden


Zhay Smith

Fashion & Illustrator Expert, New York

Ashley Paggi

Illustrator & Industry Expert, Oregon

Sara Curtis

Illustrator & Industry Expert, North Carolina

Lissie Teehee

Illustrator & Industry Expert, Oklahoma

Bonnie Christine

Yours Truly, North Carolina :)

For a 55 year old who had never opened a single Adobe software platform ever in her life, I cannot believe I was already, only six months later, collaborating with a textile company for two collections. I truly cannot believe how much my art and creative endeavors have changed since taking Immersion. Thank you Bonnie!!
- Emily Ennulat-Lustine

Enrollment closes February 23rd, 2021

It only opens once a year. I'd love to have you join us!










Immersion 2021 costs $1297 with an optional 3 month ($497/mo) and 6 month ($279/mo) payment plan. 

Enrollment opens only once a year.

Sign up here to be notified when the doors open!



Frequently Asked Questions

February 16th - 23rd, 2021

Enrollment for the 2021 Immersion Course will be open from Tuesday, February 16th at 11am EST to Tuesday, February 23rd at 11:59pm PST.  

Enrollment only opens once a year.

The Immersion Course begins on Monday, March 1st and lasts for 8 weeks.

Students will have unlimited + lifetime access to the 2021 course and can go through it at their own pace. 

The Immersion Course is an 8 week course that takes students through mastering Adobe Illustrator from the ground up and exploring all the different ways we can create artwork. We then move on to learning how to create a career in surface design. We focus on creating patterns, cohesive collections, a portfolio and online presence and then move on to the business side of surface design with topics on licensing, contracts, tradeshows, working with an agent and creating multiple income streams.

The time commitment varies a bit for everyone, but women in all walks of life (full time workers, college students, new mommas, recently retired, etc!) have taken the course and worked through it at their own pace.

If you hope to work through it 'live' (meaning, as it's released), plan on dedicating 1-3 hours each day or 1-2 full days each week.


Students have lifetime access to the course and the content never expires. You can truly go through it as slowly as you like! You can always join the live calls and stay in touch with the private community by committing just a few minutes each day.

There are three payment options for the 2021 Immersion Course:

1) A one time payment of $1297

2) A 3 month payment plan of $497/month. 

3) A 6 month payment plan of $279/month

If you choose the payment plan, your first payment will be made the day you enroll, with the following payments automatically made on the same day of the month for the following months. 

The Immersion Course is only offered one time a year. Students will have unlimited + lifetime access to the 2021 course and can go through it at their own pace. 

To ensure a solid foundation and build community, the Immersion Course is only offered as a full 8 week course. Anyone proficient in Illustrator will be encouraged to work through the lessons and spend any extra time on sketching and gathering inspiration for the coming modules. 

The minimum requirement for this course is:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Sketchbook
  • Camera or scanner

You can see the student's full list of recommendations here.

The Immersion Course is similar to a college semester - it's an immersive and incredibly comprehensive 8 week course. It's a commitment for those who are serious about turning their passion of design into a career.

Bonnie's other classes are lighter in context (usually 1-2 hours long) and are a great fit for someone who wants to dip their toes into surface design to see what it's all about.

The Immersion Course is taught in Illustrator CC and lifetime access to the incredible community. It's magical. There's no other way to put it!

Alumni Heather Schwarm says: "I had already taken all of Bonnie’s other classes when I signed up for her Immersion Course and wasn’t’ sure if there was that much more she could teach me.  Boy, was I wrong." You can hear from more alumni here. 


One of our favorite questions, because the truth is you really don't have to be able to draw like one might think. There are many professionals who are famous for their doodles and scribbles and others who have learned to solely work within illustrator. 

Bonnie teaches ways to also reference photographs and use foraged and scanned items in your work, as well.

The course will teach you how to begin making marks and establish a routine art practice. We're betting you'll be surprised at how well you can draw with a bit of practice!

Students from all over the world have taken the Immersion Course and gained amazing accomplishments (meet some of them here). About 90% of the Immersion Course is universal, but the legal topics will only address US topics. That said, the goal will be to help international students understand what questions they need to ask professionals in their own country to learn the same principles. 

The Immersion Course has a 14 day 100% money back guarantee.

Here are the details:

If you are unhappy with the Immersion course during the first 2 weeks, I will give you your money back. We believe in this course and know that if you apply what you learn, you WILL see results! We can't wait to share your success story with others!

Yes! We are honored to offer a scholarship program each year. Applications are open in January and recipients are announced in early February. You can see them here:


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