Hear from over 75 students from all over the world and from every life stage who have crafted a career they love.

Meet: Nancy Noreth

There are a few experiences in my career as an illustrator and surface pattern designer that I can consider life changing. One of those experiences is coming across Bonnie Christine.

As an artist I have come across many workshops and courses but not all have been as valuable as Bonnie's. The knowledge and skills that she shares is far from being generic. Not only does she share her experiences, she teaches the necessary tools you need to to grow and blossom in your career.

This past year I have seen my business sprout and grown into a brand that reflects my style and what I'm passionate about. New opportunities have opened up for my business, and I feel confident enough to pursue them all because of Bonnie and the beautiful community she has built. She has been an important mentor in my career, and a beautiful kindred spirit!

Meet: Meghann Rader

After earning her BFA of Art and Design in Vancouver, Meghann’s interest in illustration was discouraged.

Because the school was very conceptual, she left feeling confused as to how she could earn a living as an artist.

For several years she worked at a local art supply store, and even tried woodworking, but nothing felt quite right. Her biggest challenge to move forward was fear; fear of failure, of being laughed at, of not being capable.

“Following Bonnie’s blog was such an inspiration.” It was through the blog that she learned about one of Bonnie’s classes on surface pattern design.

Not only did she discover what surface design pattern is, but taking the course left her energized and more inspired to create than ever!

Meghann’s first big commission was creating a full line of Christmas cards, tags and gift wrap. Since then she has signed with a lovely agent, and she is currently working on her first children’s book.

Putting yourself out there is a scary thing and I think I let that hold me back for a long time, but within a month of taking Bonnie’s class I had learned Adobe Illustrator, created my first fabric collection and won Bonnie’s Surface Pattern Design Challenge! But most important of all I had confidence in myself and my abilities.”

“It sounds silly now but I had never really considered the fact that creating artwork for things like fabric, cards and gift wrap was actually a thing people did for a living.”

Meghann put in a lot of hard work and late nights and eventually she started getting noticed. Now creating artwork for different surfaces is something SHE does for a living.

Meet: Diane Rooney

“There’s room for you!”  This is the truth that Bonnie Christine teaches in her Surface Pattern Design course.

However, it is the tip of the iceberg of what she authentically shares.  Beyond sharing her vast knowledge and experience, Bonnie teaches that it is possible to have your own voice and create a unique brand.  To start and truly flourish in a creative career. 

It is exactly what it’s done for me.  From getting those first precious fabric strike offs of my first collection, Merryn, to collaborating with a baby clothing brand through to teaching my own workshops at my local fabric store and speaking to local sewing groups.  Drawing on the knowledge and all that Bonnie shares, continues to inspire me on to even bigger goals and dreams I have for my creative business. Dreams I never even thought of before I started this journey!

 What did the Immersion Course mean to you?

Answers from 2018 Alumni:

Juliet van der Heijden I have gained a huge amount of confidence in my artistic abilities and was recently heard to describe myself as an artist!

Leanne Longwill It has flattened out the learning curve for me. This course was, by far, the most complete, informative one that I've had!

Louise Moore It has given me the tools and information to embark on a more creative life. It has been a huge help and the online community are a great support.

Vicki Golden The ability to step forward into a new approach to my design career and not feel scared but know the truth of the business side. To know I can try this path.

Lynn Priestly It gave me hope and the desire to make a living creating from my heart.

Kasey Lewis It’s opened my eyes to endless possibilities.

Kathrin Woo I feel that having taken the Immersion Course is one of the best decisions I have ever made throughout my entire life!

Meet: Tessie Snow

After being a stay at home mom for 16 years I was searching for a creative business of my own. I wanted one that would enable me to be home with my family, create a solid income and also express my creativity.

When I discovered Bonnie’s courses, I honestly felt like my mind was going to explode. My heart yearned for a career in Surface Pattern Design and Bonnie created a clear path for me to get there. Bonnie’s encouraging and comprehensive style of teaching made the intimidating technical side of SPD seem easy.

Because of her, my dreams have come true and my first fabric line will be launching this spring! I will forever be grateful for Bonnie and her willingness to share her gifts with the world.

Meet: Kim Henrie

After having her first child, Kim found herself working part time as an art teacher at a local elementary school.

“I absolutely LOVED teaching the children to find inspiration all around them, and to be true to who you are as an artist. After 3 years of teaching, I started to listen to my own advice and seek out my dreams. While searching the world wide web on how to become a fabric designer, I came across Bonnie’s classes. I loved them, and would binge watch them all, and then watch them again. She is the best cheerleader, not allowing you to let your fears stop you from your dreams.

Since I started Bonnie’s courses I have become a designer for a small batch fabric company- Raspberry Creek Fabrics. I am amazed every time I see one of my prints sewn into clothing.”

Kim will be launching her very own children’s clothing line this fall, all made with fabric she designed herself.

“I am in awe of the beautiful things I am able to create, and love to see my style and skills continue to develop. If textile design is a dream for you, then Bonnie is your girl. What are you waiting for??! Start reaching for those dreams today.”

Meet: Elena Wilken

Elena's story is incredibly inspiring. She has a family of five and they are now all supported by one income: hers!

Before this dream came true, she had been working as a graphic designer but felt that she had hit a creative plateau.

After feeling like this for years, she signed up for the Immersion Course, and after taking it she became inspired to dive into refreshing her entire brand.

She had her first surface pattern design printed larger than life on a trade show booth, in NYC, at a trade show for professional photographers.

“This past year has been my first to break through the six figure mark. Thanks to Bonnie, it feels like it’s just the beginning! She keeps alive and re-ignites my love for creating, and her words have inspired and helped me push through imaginary or very real boundaries, failures and fears, time and time again.

Bonnie's words about working from a place of abundance rather than fear has come to mind many times.

Bonnie’s course has equipped me and given me the belief that I can, and that there is room for an Elena Wilken collection of fabrics out there on store shelves, and on sewists' tables. I am thankful beyond words, thankful for all the research time it saves, and for a teacher that shares her knowledge and the tools for us to succeed so freely. It has been such a game changer for me.”

Meet: Skye McNeill

My creative path has been a winding 16 years of fine art, random jobs, graphic design grad school and self doubt.

Having always loved fabric and patterns I finally took the leap into starting a business and learning everything I could about surface pattern design. I’ve struggled with finding my style, creative paralysis and doubt. But I started getting custom commissions and bookings to teach printmaking workshops, which led to being featured in the recent Print/Maker book from Uppercase.

After taking Bonnie's Immersion Course, I created a collection that I felt touched on the direction I wanted to go. Between freelance illustration, teaching workshops and surface pattern design, I am fully self employed and so excited at all the opportunities coming up. 

Meet: Isa Down | Poppy & Gray Co.

Prior to creating and registering her business, Isa lacked direction. She knew that drawing made her happy, and she had big dreams of being able to turn something that made her happy into a business.

As time went on her biggest challenge was believing that she was capable, believing that there was room for her work as a floral artist, and that she could find the confidence to get from A to Z.

She knew that she wanted to do more and that her drawings were good, but she could not see how to make herself visible in a sea of floral artists and surface designers.

In a leap of faith she looked into a few pattern design classes, but to her, the content was uninspiring. Then, she found the Immersion Course and everything clicked.

“Besides the immense amount of content that Bonnie offers, it was watching the other designers really blossoming with their skills in the Facebook group and seeing the community that Bonnie supported what drew me in; Bonnie’s willingness to lay it all on the table, because she does believe that there is room for everyone.”

Shortly after taking the course, Isa had her first licensing client, she now has commissioned works in constant rotation, and has begun teaching art and creativity classes online.

Taking the time to learn her surface design skills has opened her world in ways she had never imagined. She is working on a book (or two), and she does this all as a single mom and graduate student!

As she shared with us: “It became about understanding that my style is my biggest asset because no one else has it, and that means that there is, indeed, room for all of us somewhere if we are to be willing to put in the work time after time.”

Adding: “It takes being brave to invest in yourself, to push yourself a little bit closer to your goals. This course offers so much, and while its focus is surface design, the support, camaraderie, and content is just truly a gift to any creative wanting to make their mark in this world.”

Josie Adams

I'm a former teacher, current school counselor, and ultimately someone who fell in love will illustration and pattern design.  I found Bonnie’s classes at a major time of change in my life and have not looked back. If you have ever worked in a school, you probably understand being addressed as “Hey Miss” by your students.  I started my new business, Hey Miss Designs, as a nod to my love of education and my love of illustration and design. I am so excited to be making money doing what I love, and I can’t wait to see where this journey takes me!  

Deborah Payne

My surface design story started with a rekindling of my love for illustration when I began using the Apple Pencil and iPad Pro. Before long I created a large library of vector illustrations. About the same time I discovered Bonnie and literally could not wait to start designing repeat patterns using my illustrations. Today I'm preparing to exhibit my portfolio of over 100 patterns at Blue Print in New York City this May. I never dreamed I could accomplish so much in a short time. If not for Bonnie’s advice and encouragement I would never be this far along in my journey!

Bärbel Dressler

When I found Bonnie, I had no prior experience, no design education or existing clients - and more or less NO CLUE. All I had was my drawing skills and a dream to see my patterns on real products. Finding her courses was an important turning point for me. She gave me the knowledge and the tools I needed to turn that dream and my skills into something real, step by step. Not to forget the shortcuts she shares - information I would otherwise have spent years to find on my own. I’ve now sold & licensed a number of designs for home textiles, apparel and shoes.

Leah Farquharson

Bonnie has been an invaluable part of my journey as an artist. Not only has she given me the technical tools needed for success, but she's also helped me along a journey in rediscovering grace and self love. As a result, I'm finally, slowly, transitioning my handmade business to art and licensing this year. I'm building daily habits to defeat overwhelm and establish a consistent art practice. This year is about practicing and getting to know who I am as an artist so that I can build a foundation to establish a lifelong career - something that can't be rushed, but is instead built at a steady, strong, consistent pace. 

Meet: Lauren Brewer

The Surface Design Immersion Course took something that seemed so daunting and out of reach and gave me not just the basic skills needed to create patterns, but the information I needed to build a brand and a career in surface pattern design.

Bonnie gives you a first hand look at her entire process from brainstorming a collection to actually seeing the pattern collection come to fruition. The course has been invaluable to me and I am so excited to see where it takes me in the future. 

Meet: Sara Rain

I studied fashion design at university but it didn’t work out for me. After spending a couple of years lost and searching for something to pour my creativity into, I came across Bonnie’s classes.

Something clicked immediately and I soon became hooked to designing patterns. I knew this was it. Since then, I’ve made hundreds of patterns, started a business making mockups for surface pattern designers and just launched my first Skillshare class ‘Pattern Design Toolkit: 6 Tips to Improve your Patterns’.

Amanda Castor

Pencil to paper felt foreign to me, but Bonnie’s classes gave me the confidence and ability to turn my drawings into repeating patterns.  I used these lessons from Bonnie to create my first fabric collection. I’m happy to say that Riley Blake Designs loved that first collection and I am now one of their newest fabric designers!  My debut collection “Fairy Edith” will be hitting stores in May. If you have a WILD dream to become a fabric/surface designer, I highly recommend Bonnie’s classes. If it weren’t for her knowledge and encouragement, I wouldn’t be living my dream today.

Penny Doughtery

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t drawing, painting and designing something. Art has always been my passion; however, it lacked direction. I achieved an Art Degree as a mature student, but still had no real idea how to put my art into practice. Then, about three years ago, I came across Bonnie Christine and everything changed. Just like she said, I couldn’t wait to get out of bed! My dream and direction were within reach. I’ve done at least one thing every day since and I’ve worked hard. Now, I have a Brand. It’s Ditch Lily Studio created in my passion and artistic expression. This is my life and my business. I love it! I’m just beginning, but I’m doing it! I tell people that Bonnie is my mentor. She helped me find direction and I am on a journey in what I love to do.

Isa Down

A little over a year and a half ago, I sat down and drew a peony.  It was the first flower that I had really drawn intentionally, and though it will not win any awards for talent or beauty any time soon, it brought such joy that I kept on drawing.  Fast forward to one year ago, when I knew that I wanted to make a creative life something that was both lucrative and enjoyable – but I lacked any know-how or confidence in my ability to do this.  Bonnie’s class taught me how to think like an artist, and how to believe in my own work. I registered my business, Poppy and Gray Co., in the summer of 2018. Since then, I have gone on to license my work, fill my commission calendar, teach art and creativity classes, and have started my business as a Creativity Coach.

Meet: Sophia van Hees

A few years ago my world turned upside down when I realised that my academic career, over ten years in the making, had been the wrong choice. Thankfully, through some combination of luck, fate, and divine intervention I stumbled upon Bonnie’s classes, and discovered the name of my dream career – Surface Pattern Design.

Since that magical day I have been patiently uncovering my signature style. In January of 2019 I took the plunge and launched the website for my brand ‘Brave Snail Designs’, which reflects my determination to help make the world a more gentle and whimsical place.

The Immersion Course not only gave me all the knowledge and skills I needed to pursue my dream, it also connected me with a beautiful community of like-minded creatives. Being part of this community has been integral in building my confidence so that I can tell the world “I am an Artist!”

Meet: Lynn Priestley

The Immersion Course was a hugely positive experience for me. It cemented my skills and processes in surface design and gave me the confidence to believe I could make it in the design world.

I am thrilled to announce my dream came true with my first licensing opportunity, due to hit shelves worldwide, this year. I would recommend anyone serious about moving their skills and design career to another level, to jump in and take the course.

It really is life changing. 

Meet: Suzy Taylor

After a beautiful career as a papercutting artist, Suzy discovered the world of working digitally.

“The challenge was, at aged 45, to learn something completely new and totally out of my comfort zone. But I was determined to do it.

Bonnie made Illustrator so accessible, breaking it down into all its components. I realised that the 10 years I had spent finding my signature papercutting style, translated easily into working digitally. The most enjoyable part was to be able to work in colour. I had been working in black and white for ten years so I felt a bit like Dorothy landing in Oz!

Since learning Illustrator I have been able to license my designs for fabric, greetings cards, wrapping paper, colouring books and tapestry and cross-stitch kits. My greatest achievement and honour to date was being asked by Harper Collins NY to illustrate the covers for an anniversary box-set of the Little House on the Prairie books. None of these things would have been possible for me if I hadn’t taken the plunge to learn a new skill.

I think the most valuable thing I’ve learned is that you’re never too old to learn something new if you put your mind to it. It’s given me a huge amount of confidence. If you’re on the fence about taking the Immersion Course, just put the fear to one side and dive in. You will learn a huge amount. Take notes. The community is so supportive and helpful. No one judges you except you.”

Meet my momma, Maxie:

At the age of 62, I decided to sell my fabric shop and completely reinvent my business online with a monthly sewing subscription box. Maxie Mail was born and I was teaching again, but this time to a much larger audience!⁣

To help keep my costs down, I wanted to learn how to design the pages of my own sewing patterns, flyers, business cards and website graphics. I needed to learn how to use Adobe Illustrator. ⁣

Luckily for me, Bonnie was just about to teach the Immersion Course. I took her course, put in the time and learned how to use Illustrator! I learned how to draw, illustrate and write my own patterns and am so happy to present them to my subscribers! It has truly paid off in a very rewarding way.⁣

It makes me fairly emotional to think about what I’ve been able to accomplish at my age and share with people all over the world through my subscription box. ⁣I want to encourage everyone, at any stage in life, with any reason for wishing to master design to just jump in; you won’t regret it!"⁣

Meet: Sarah Maxwell

After being a quilt pattern designer for nearly 20 years, Sarah decided to explore fabric design and quickly realized she needed to learn Adobe Illustrator to progress. She tired of sorting through mountains of information online. Frustrated with all the trial and error, she stumbled across Bonnie’s course.

Bonnie’s clear, logical approach to using all the features in Illustrator allows you to master a skill, then move on to the next concept. The tools are a game changer in terms of creating more complex designs and easy to understand with Bonnie’s instruction.”

“Simply put, this course is an investment in your future.  The level and depth of instruction is comparable to any college-level course on graphic design. But rather than a single round of instruction, you can watch the videos again and again until you master the skill and you can go back to them if you need a refresher. If you have dreamed a of a career in a creative field, this course is essential.”

Sarah is now a fabric designer and author with two books coming out over the next year and three fabric collections in the works. You can find her routinely traveling to guilds and shops to teach and share her work.

Meet: Susan Claire | Gourmet Quilter

"Immediately following registration of the Immersion Course, it was apparent that I had made the right decision, with a friendly welcome and loads of information. Just learning how to navigate Illustrator was enough, but there is so much more offered that would have taken me forever, if ever, to work out by myself. It simply took away the frustration I was feeling trying to work it all out.

I can't thank Bonnie enough for her generosity in the information and support she offers in this course and would absolutely recommend it to others. Illustrator is a big program to learn and this way was so encouraging.

The course has opened my eyes to so much more than I had envisioned. I have just designed my first line of fabrics that will be released in February 2019 and am thrilled to be in this position."

Meet: Heather Schwarm | Carlie & Co.

When Heather lost the life balance between work and family she quit her job as a CFO of a bank in Hawaii and moved with her family to the South France.

She felt that with a huge geographic change, a huge career change was in order, she wanted to do something she felt passionate about; something she loved.

“My 15-year old daughter and I decided to start a stationery and lifestyle products company featuring our own designs, but we had no idea how to get started.  

I downloaded the 30-day trial of Adobe Illustrator and almost had a panic attack! It was not intuitive at all.”

She felt frustrated, overwhelmed and a little lost, and then she found the Immersion course.

“Bonnie’s style is welcoming and approachable. I never felt that I didn’t belong in the class, even though I had no professional art training or graphic design knowledge. I felt empowered instead of defeated.”

With this new feeling, Heather and her daughter launched her company, Carlie & Co, featuring an introductory line of notebooks and journals with their own designs.

There is a parallel Carlie & Co Foundation which will empower women and girls through funding education. They were inspired by Bonnie’s idea for a “word of the year” as a guide to design a line of products where all the proceeds will be used to fund the foundation.

“Bonnie gave me the courage, belief and skills to pursue a dream and enjoy an inspired life!”

Mable Tan

Before taking Bonnie’s classes, I had no idea what a collection was or what it involved, I hadn’t heard of Surtex and what the opportunities hold to be a surface pattern designer.

Today, I’m sitting here with a COMPLETE portfolio ready for Surtex 2019 and an agent to represent me. I am mind blown at how my life have changed and I am so grateful.

Bonnie, you have opened doors for me that I’d never knew possible. You opened my mind to what I can achieve with my life. Thank you so much for what you do. Thank you for touching my life. Thank you for everything.

Melissa Colson

I’ve been working as a professional artist for 13 years. I decided to branch out from illustration into surface pattern design two years ago. I came across Bonnie’s classes and was captivated! She’s an inspiration and I connected instantly with her teaching style and have learned more from her than anyone else. I felt like I finally found my artistic home!

Jo Richards

I was approaching 40, and had fallen out of love with my career. I had always been passionate about art and design, and stumbled across Bonnie’s class.

I have never looked back. Over the past two years I have consumed with passion Bonnie’s teachings. I’ve built my brand, opened an online shop, and spend my days creating. Two years ago I had hardly touched Adobe Illustrator. Now it is my go to design tool. I have found my path, and am skipping happily along it with the ongoing support and direction of Bonnie.

Nancy Scott

I enrolled in Immersion with no art training, no experience using Illustrator and a preconceived notion that I couldn’t draw. I’ve learned more in a year than a lifetime. The way I do business and view myself as an artist has changed completely.

I’ve discovered income options I didn’t know existed. Bonnie & my classmates have given me confidence, support and initiative to add surface pattern design to my income streams.  

Meet: Tasha | Labrador Tea

Tasha grew tired of sitting in a cubicle and spending most of her paycheck on daycare. Determined to gain the flexibility she needed to stay home with her children, she quit her job. Even though they couldn’t afford it.

After finding Bonnie’s course she said, “I had never even heard of Surface Pattern Design before that point. It literally changed my life.”

After feeling lost for so long, she finally knew not only what she wanted to do, but how to get started doing it. She gained the confidence she needed to launch her business and now spends her time ‘working’ from home, even though it’s so fun it hardly feels like work. She advises to others, “You will learn so much and if you're like me, it will open up possibilities for you that you never knew were possible”

Meet: Mable Tan

Before moving to Australia, Mable worked as a writer for a magazine.
After she became a mum, things shifted a bit. She was lucky to take a few months off to take care of her baby, but her Etsy shop suffered greatly and it never recovered.

Feeling very frustrated, Mable had to start from zero. For two years she found it hard to make a living, but she was determined to share the financial responsibilities at home.

One day she received an email from the company that had once licensed a design from her, asking if she had any collections and putting emphasis on their sale-ability. Mable had no idea how to come up with one, but what she did know was that in order to thrive as an artist, she had to educate herself.

Once she joined the Immersion course, her eyes opened to all the possibilities of a surface pattern designer.

“I learned so much from Bonnie, not just the technical aspect, but the mental aspect as well. I became more resilient, disciplined and focused. I appreciated Bonnie’s beautiful work and it inspired me to work hard. Suddenly I knew this is what I was meant to do.

Coming up with a strong collection takes time, practice and experience, but Bonnie made it easy for me with her meticulous and concise lessons. I have taken other courses before (not on surface pattern design), but they never inspired me the way Bonnie did.”

Since taking the Immersion Course, Mable has developed a collection of shoes on Bucketfeet, she signed up with an agent to represent her at Surtex, and keeps working hard to grow a sustainable income through licensing her designs.

There is a note above Mable’s desk that reads:

“There are two types of people in the world; those who simply talk and dream of success and the ones who go out there, chase their dreams and get things done.”

She adds: “you’ve got to do the hard work; you’ll thank yourself a year from now. I know I am.”

Meet: Caitlin Wallace-Rowland

I took Bonnie’s course when I was trying to build a pattern portfolio to apply to graduate school. Having now gone to both art and design school (and paid tuition!), I can confidently say that I felt more motivated and encouraged by Bonnie’s teaching than I did in any of my years of school! Bonnie’s classes are a joy to watch, make you feel like you can accomplish anything, and are full of technical and practical knowledge (at THOUSANDS less than art or design school!). I’m so thankful that Bonnie was a part of my journey to the work I do now as an artist and textile designer! My first fabric collections are coming out this year and I feel like I wouldn’t be where I am today without having had Bonnie cheering me on!

Meet: Anne LaFollette

Anne had always been successful in the corporate world, so it was a huge shock when she got laid off after 15 years of working at the same company.

At age 55, she struggled to figure out her next move. She turned to creativity, found Bonnie’s classes and fell in love with her, and through her, with surface design.

Anne has had amazing accomplishments which include selling pattern designs to a swimwear company, getting featured in her local art supply store and being selected by West Elm to sell her products in their store on a feature table in the artists program.

She feels that her biggest accomplishment has been self-confidence! With it and with the technical skills she has acquired, Anne is finding and growing her own audience of women who want to learn surface design.

I’m 60 but feel like my life is just beginning. I love every minute of every day whether I’m teaching or designing or continuing to expand my knowledge. I’m so excited about what the future has in store.”

Meet: Nancy Scott

Nancy always had a “teeny, tiny, sometimes hidden, sometimes squelched yearning to design her own fabric.”

Given that she was already part of the industry with her business, Masterpiece Quilting, one would think it might come easy, right? Well, not for Nancy.

She saw two challenges: one was being a 50-something year old learner with no previous experience in Adobe Illustrator, and the second was that she had never been considered "good" at art.

Nancy grew up with the misconception that people couldn’t be both creative and business minded.

“For a year prior to learning about Bonnie’s class, I looked into taking classes at a local college. I was looking at an hour drive each way at least twice a week for multiple months.

From a financial aspect, the cost of the Immersion Course is considerably less than what I would have invested in university fees, except with her I’m getting exactly what I wanted!

It was also incredibly rewarding to meet other women with such degrees as engineering all say the same thing – that they had sequestered their artistic nature in order to pursue other academic avenues. It was truly a light bulb moment in my life because I knew I wasn’t alone.”

Since dissolving those thoughts from her brain, Nancy has flourished. She discovered that she was not the only one struggling with AI, and that asking for help was ok!

She’s currently developing classes that will support other surface pattern designers who are interested in the quilting industry.

I am seeing the world in a different way. As I source inspiration for my sketches, I see things I didn’t see before. I’ve expanded the number of fabric companies that I work with, and my business workflow has transformed. I’m more focused and defined in what I do. I’m seeing the big picture of how everything is connected between building a list, growing social media presence, marketing my products, building relationships with people, and of course, creating my product.”

Nancy Noreth

Completing my first collection was such an accomplishment. I felt confident enough to pursue my dreams, and to dream even bigger! I couldn't believe that I required the knowledge and skills to accomplish one of my life long goals. 

Bonnie as a person is a sweet and kind hearted human being. She is real, genuine and honestly cares for you as a person and for your business. She truly makes you feel like your part of her big surface design family! <3

Heather Schwarm

The Immersion Course is incredibly comprehensive, providing you with all of the tools necessary to have a successful career in Surface Pattern Design. I had already taken all of Bonnie’s other classes when I signed up for her Immersion Course and wasn’t’ sure if there was that much more she could teach me.  Boy, was I wrong.

I learned more skills, techniques and workflows. I also learned that there was a community of folks out there that we could all learn from, support and encourage each other.

Tessie Snow

When I discovered Bonnie’s courses, I honestly felt like my mind was going to explode. My heart yearned for a career in Surface Pattern Design and Bonnie created a clear path for me to get there. Bonnie’s encouraging and comprehensive style of teaching made the intimidating technical side of SPD seem easy.

Because of her, my dreams have come true and my first fabric line will be launching this spring! I will forever be grateful for Bonnie and her willingness to share her gifts with the world.

Meet: Elizabeth Chappell

"It is refreshing to find Bonnie who is genuinely excited to share her knowledge with others. She feels that our success is a wonderful thing and it doesn't threaten her.  

I want to be a Bonnie in this world.  I want to feel abundance, not scarcity.  There is enough for everyone to succeed, and I want to help others find success.  

I feel encouraged to set bigger goals for myself, dream bigger, and truly believe that I can achieve them.

Being in a community with that kind of thinking if priceless.”

Meet: Loo McNulty

Although Loo had been working as a graphic designer, creating art for logos and posters, she felt trapped and like somehow she was letting herself down.

Her true dream was to become an illustrator.

“I have always wanted to illustrate full-time and to be honest I didn't even realize that surface design was a possibility before taking my first class with Bonnie. Everything changed for me after that.

I have learned many skills, from creating a technical repeat to promoting myself. I'll also be exhibiting at BluePrint in New York in May! The greatest skill I have learned, though, is to believe in myself.

Whenever I feel that blanket of doubt try to cover me up I think of Bonnie and what she has accomplished and I shake it off. I am doing things I NEVER thought I would do. I am here: going for it!

Put away your doubt and fear and take that step forward to open the door to be the creative self you imagine you can be. I would say to trust that this course will get you there.”

Meet: Lizzie Clark

Art making was rewarding but she felt something was missing. She could see that she had surrounded herself by art when she was a museum professional yet a bridge had to be built for her to see herself as a thriving artist.

“Finding the structure and foundation Bonnie offers was the grounding process I needed. I now have a roadmap to making my dream a reality; from making the most of my website, to how to store my files. I truly found a fabulous treasure.

Each day she does one thing toward creating a business she loves; one of which she is proud. She is now looking forward to the launch of her third official fabric collection.

“I was looking for ways to create repeating patterns to use in my paper collage art. The insights and shortcuts that Bonnie shared with me improved my skills and confidence immensely to BE an artist in surface pattern design.

Now that I’ve found this, I know it’s how I will spend the next phase of my creative life. One very important question I ask myself in each step of my process is - WWBD? (What would Bonnie do?).”










As with any course and growth program, your results may vary from these consumer testimonials. Results depend on many factors, such as your level of effort, personality, knowledge, skills .. and so many other variables. Since everyone is different, we do not guarantee your success nor are we responsible for your success or failure. You will have to put in the work to see the results. We believe the Immersion Course will give you all the tools you need to succeed, and you can see that our alumni agree.

"Bonnie's course has given me the confidence and tools to create beautiful fabrics (and more!) that enrich my brand and help me connect more deeply with my customers. This course was life changing - thank you, Bonnie! "

Jessica Shaw
Haute JS Design

"The Immersion Course was comprehensive and cohesive, perfectly blending software and art techniques, industry standards for design, marketing, legal and trade shows, interviews with professionals, and regular live chats and reviews. The sheer amount of content was helpful no matter what level one is entering at. Bonnie's unique teaching style is full of clarity and heart and her candid answers to student questions were smart, honest, and encouraging. "

Skye McNeill

"Before the Immersion Course, I had been struggling to learn how to use Illustrator to make patterns. With Bonnie’s help I learned in two weeks what I had been struggling to do on my own for 2+ years. The course, as well as the website/portfolio review, was invaluable!"

Dee Ann Pickering

"In 2017, I found Bonnie Christine and learned how to take my paintings and turn them into repeating patterns. This had a huge positive impact on my art and life! During the Immersion course, I advanced further, practicing her techniques. Following her advice, my design business began to form. I began having my prints printed on fabric, making them into scarves. In 2018, I worked with a fashion manufacturer and designed my first dress with my repeat pattern on it. I now have a new business designing dresses, scarves and ties. Thanks to Bonnie, I have begun 2019 as a designer and entrepreneur. In February, I am showing my designs at SURTEX, in hopes of expanding my design business. "

Dawn Stratchko
Job Title

"The Immersion course brought together the most supportive, positive group of ladies I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. I also learned more here than I ever did in college. I began this journey last year after enrolling in Bonnie’s class hoping to learn about surface pattern design. A year later, I am designing my future around this exciting field."

Eliz Alahverdian

"My Surface Pattern Design journey began in 2018 when I chanced upon Bonnie's Course. It was a light bulb moment for me. It was then that I knew that I wanted to create patterns for the rest of my life."

Beatrice Tan

"I was familiar with some basic tools in Illustrator, but it was Bonnie, who taught me a whole lot more. I remembered the sentence, which later I put with the golden marker and pin to my board- "there's room for You". Whenever I feel, that it's not gonna work, I look at it and I do new pattern and I send it to the world. Little by little I start to earn on them. I believed Bonnie that there is a space for me, so it is for you also. Thank You Bonnie. Never stop teaching, cause You are made for it."

Magdalena Litwinowicz

"Just before I turned 40 I realized my creative dreams had been on hold for 20 years and I didn't want to wait any longer to carve out that space in my life. I began to fill every spare waking moment (any many that I should have slept through) studying and working. Bonnie’s story was a huge inspiration during this time - I even completed my own 100 patterns project. My illustration interests go beyond patterns but Bonnie’s simple little encouragements like ‘one thing everyday’ and ‘all you need is ten seconds of courage’ have shaped the past couple of years at least as much as all of the technical things I have learned. A few months ago I began practicing lots of courage. Now I am in the midst of negotiations for my first licensing deal in the home dec & gift market. The door is beginning to open!"

Amber Lynn Benton

"On my first trip to Quilt Market, I met Bonnie. She was there showing her new collection, I shyly started a conversation telling her that right there I had found what I was searching for: I wanted to be the person to design those fabrics. I went home and was never able to find any classes that would help me achieve that dream until 3 years later an email from Bonnie in my inbox offered the Immersion Course. I knew it was a sign and immediately signed up. It's literally changed everything for me. I have started my path as a surface pattern designer. Thanks to Bonnie's class I am on the path I had been searching for so many years! I have learned more in this course than I did in a whole year in college studying graphic design. "

Patty Basemi

"When I started Bonnie’s course, I knew only how to create designs by hand, but today I am adept at designing digitally, and with confidence call myself a surface pattern designer. I am thrilled to be exhibiting at Blue Print in New York City, my first ever trade show! Bonnie is my teacher, an extraordinary teacher, who gave me not only the technical tools I needed to learn in order to achieve my dream, a dream that is now a reality, but who carried me along the way with kindness, advice, and encouragement - those little extras that come so naturally for her and that made all the difference!"

Gennifer Schimenti

"I came to Bonnie's classes and tutorials with scant knowledge and even less confidence hoping to incorporate pattern design into my ceramic work. Now, when I begin a new ceramic jewelry collection or design a new line of soap dishes, I reach for my digital tools. I have Bonnie whispering in my ear, ever reminding me about copyright integrity, color, textures, and techniques. I am learning to confidently grow my own style while communicating with a visual voice that is as authentic I can be in this moment. Through this process of creating, I have grown my business, Instagram following and Etsy sales. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings as I hone my skills and continue level up. There is room for me!"

Jess Sandford
October Forever

"Creativity was always calling me. I just didn't know that it could be my career. After taking Bonnie's Courses, I learned how to create a great portfolio, a brand and make professional banners, a blog, a website and more. I now sell quilt patterns all over the world online and in shops. I have been to several Quilt markets with a booth and have been featured in 80 magazines. I'm currently writing a book for C & T publishing. When I was young I would never have dreamed that all this could come true....but it can with hard work and knowledge. "

Shirley Hudson

"Bonnie does so much more then teach you how to make surface patterns and build a collection. She’ll teach you tools and tricks in illustrator I didn’t even know as a seasoned graphic designer. She’ll give you the confidence to move forward and take the next steps to share your work. The immersion course is packed full of info and well worth the investment!"

Kelly R Kirkland

"I have made my living (for the past thirty plus years) as a surface pattern designer/Creative Director but had never learned AI until I found your course. It has been a life changer for me. I was always completely intimidated by AI but once I took your course I completely fell in love with it! Thank you! "

Amy Weiss
Rosy Road Design Studio

"The Surface Pattern Design Immersion course propelled my learning of surface pattern design. I started out not knowing how to progress my passion to where I feel I can with confidence refer to myself as a surface pattern designer. I achieved this in a period of 2 months, which is amazing! I now have the skills and knowledge to know that with hard work I can make a career out of my passion. Bonnie's course is extremely good value for money and the course content of a very high standard. I highly recommend this course. "

Cindy Simpson

"Bonnie has a relaxed and personable teaching style that is so enjoyable. Her lessons are easy to follow and packed with great information. She clearly has a passion for what she does and for her students in the way she connected with us in the lessons and the live calls through Facebook. This class has helped to spark my enthusiasm and energy in my own work and has given me the tools and knowledge I needed to get on track with my career. I'm so very grateful. Thank you Bonnie! "

Pamela Winn Design

"By far the best online class I have ever taken! It is worth every penny for anyone wanting to learn about surface pattern design. Bonnie's style of teaching, the overall organization of the material and ongoing support make even a beginner like me believe that I can really accomplish my dream. I can't say enough about how great this class is! "

Kris Hackl

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