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Flourish is filled with the tools, resources and support you need to grow your business and experience consistent long term growth in your journey as a creative entrepreneur. 

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Registration Closes Tuesday

Registration is open until Tuesday, October 27th at 11:59pm PST. The next time it opens will be April, 2021.








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Implementing and mastering the art of Surface Design

Being a creative entrepreneur can oftentimes mean working in isolation. As fulfilling as a career in surface design can be, it can also mean not having many people in our daily lives who truly understand what we do. 


You shouldn't have to do it alone. That's exactly why I created Flourish.


Being a part of Flourish means being instantly surrounded by a thriving community who simply gets it. Other artists, illustrators and surface designers who speak your language, brainstorm with you, support you, answer your questions, abundantly share resources, and celebrate your successes.


In Flourish we believe it's not about competition, 𝘪𝘵'𝘴 𝘢𝘣𝘰𝘶𝘵 𝘤𝘰𝘮𝘮𝘶𝘯𝘪𝘵𝘺.⁣⁣⁣⁣


No matter where you are in your journey to flourishing, we’re here to nourish your creativity, inspire you to dig deep and help you thrive in your business. 


You deserve to be surrounded by people 𝘸𝘩𝘰 𝘫𝘶𝘴𝘵 𝘨𝘦𝘵 𝘪𝘵.⁣⁣⁣

“Flourish is my ticket to a new life. I'm just beginning my journey and I'm learning so much, gaining so many insights and connecting with so many new people.” - Barbara

You were meant to create the beauty you want to see come alive in the world. We need more art, more beauty, more of YOU. 

Flourish is about long term, consistent and sustainable growth. It equips you with the tools, resources and support needed for your journey as a creative business owner.

I’ll share the secrets on navigating through the ever evolving industry and personally dive into your questions to keep you moving forward.

Hey, there! I'm Bonnie. 

Let me guide you to becoming the artist, illustrator and creative entrepreneur you long to be.


“Flourish is like my personal mentor. It guides and encourages me when I need it most and answers all my questions.” Lavinia

Membership Features

Fresh content is delivered to the library and pushed to your devices each Friday.

Challenges Designed to Help You Grow

Members are encouraged to participate in monthly design challenges, crafted to challenge them, help them grow their style and round out the year with 12 usable pieces of artwork. This also gives them the opportunity to be featured on our public Instagram account for more exposure.

Laser Coaching Sessions

Laser Coaching allows the group to watch and learn as I work through a challenge with one member at a time. Because many of us struggle with similar challenges, these sessions are universally applicable. Members have the opportunity to apply for a one on one coaching inside the membership.

Live Q&A Calls

Getting answers to questions when you need them most is a game changer. Members are able to submit questions for Live Q&A calls each and every week. You'll hear straight from Bonnie as she answers your pressing questions and shares years of insight and knowledge with the members of Flourish. It's like having Bonnie right in your back pocket.

Behind the Scenes

You'll also get exclusive, behind the scenes updates on what Bonnie's working on, what's she learning and VIP access to new releases. Bonnie is constantly inside the group, communicating with members and sharing the latest inside her highly successful 7-figure studio. 

Expert Guests

Learn from industry leaders throughout the year as Bonnie brings in inspiring guests to learn from. You'll hear from different experts, thought leaders and GO GETTERS who will inspire your next steps. 

Get Your Work Noticed

Members of Flourish have the opportunity (if they wish) to get their work featured on our community Instagram account, and inside the membership. Because we KNOW that getting more eyes on your amazing work will help advance your career more quickly!

The Master List

Members of Flourish have access to what we call the Master List - a community sourced resource filled with licensing companies, contact information and industries worldwide. It's amazing. 

Peer Groups

Members of Flourish are invited to join small member led peer groups build of other members who are in a similar stage (and geographic location) of their business. Groups meet once a month and rotate twice a year. This is where the deepest connections happen!

Flourish is the creative community I never had and it inspires me everyday to keep going.” - Eileen

Stages of a Flourishing Surface Designer 

The Library is designed by stages. Follow this map to learn what stage you're in on the path to becoming a Flourishing Designer. It will guide you along the journey of where you need to begin and what you need to do next in order to keep making progress on your goals! 


“I'm so grateful that now I can track my development with these stages! I was very busy sketching and designing the past few months and never even noticed I just jumped two stages up, yaay! Love you, Bonnie!” - Anett

What's In The Library

11+ years of knowledge shared through lessons, Q&A sessions and a thriving community.

The content is organized by what stage you're on in the success path - an easy to follow format that helps you identify where you're at and exactly what you need to do next in order to accomplish your goals.

This membership will help keep you on track and not overwhelmed.


+ Resources + Trade Secrets. Inside is where Bonnie pulls back the curtain to her success and business, sharing all of her secrets and resources. 

+ The Business Side of Being an Artist. From contracts and copyrights, to portfolios and submitting your work, I've got you covered.

+ Creating A Stable Income As An Artist. Learn how to create multiple streams of residual income that will allow your business to ebb and flow.

+ Monthly Challenges. Stretch your skills and connect with the community through design challenges that will help you focus on the project at hand.

 + Growing Your List + Email Marketing. Learn strategies for growing your email list, identifying your ideal customer (or client) and engaging with them through thoughtful marketing. 

+ Social Media Strategy. Grow your following authentically and cultivate lasting relationships with your followers.

+ Photography + Videography For Your Business. Learn how to harness the power of photography and videography to take your business to the next level.

+ Tips On Teaching. Bonnie shares about teaching, creating course content and choosing the right platform to share your knowledge on. 

Flour·ish /fləriSH/ verb
1 To grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, as the result of being in a particularly favorable environment.



Given the right conditions, seeds have the ability to lie dormant for years. But as soon as they're planted, nourished and surrounded by the nutrients that are necessary for growth, they begin to sprout.


Once sprouted, seeds begin to take root. Roots grow by attaching themselves to a greater or more fundamental whole, which provides them with support that helps establish them deeply and firmly.


Once rooted, plants begin to flourish. As the result of being in a healthy environment, they grow in a vigorous way, developing rapidly and successfully, they begin to thrive.

“Flourish is the creative community I never had and it inspires me everyday to keep going.” - Eileen

Betsy Mitten

"Flourish, to me, is that bridge from Immersion to a creative career! It's what, with my hard work,  makes me believe it's all possible. It's community and support, the nuts and bolts how to, a road map to success, easily accessible information, a place to acquire business savvy, and an opportunity to learn from you, your team, other community members, and an incredible collection of amazing creative entrepreneurs. I loved Immersion so much and stepping right into Flourish has helped me keep up the momentum - I can't tell you how I was chomping at the bit, waiting to join the minute it opened up!"


"Where do I begin? On the most basic level it has brought me joy. Because of Flourish I  began creating daily  and this in itself has been extremely cathartic and fulfilling.  Flourish has also shown me that doing work I love and creating the life I want for myself is possible. For the first time in my life I feel like I am moving in the right direction.  And more importantly, that I will succeed.  I just finished creating my first collection and I am brimming with ideas for another. I find the stages to be very helpful in keeping me focussed and organized."


"Before I discovered surface pattern design I was self-educating and trying to publish my own children's book. I had heard about licensing, but I lacked mentoring and good quality resources for a thriving artist career. I was torn to pieces trying to do different things, which left me feeling uncertain and overwhelmed.  

After joining Flourish I’ve obtained great resources, an amazing community, and a supportive mentor. I’ve been implementing strategies that really work, and I feel more positive and confident that I’m on the right track to achieve my goals."


"Joining Flourish has been one of the best choices I’ve made as an emerging surface pattern designer. Between Bonnie and the other members of the group, I’ve been provided with so much encouragement and resources to help further my career." 



"Flourish is what began me in my journey to surface pattern design. After working with clients in design for years, I one day realized that I could license my artwork and gain both the creative and financial freedom I was wanting. I began googling like crazy, trying to learn about licensing. I decided to take some motifs and turn them into patterns, hopefully to license, so I began googling like crazy for that too, learning how to make seamless patterns. I had run across Bonnie's name several times on Instagram, and that same week Bonnie put out a mini-class on pattern making. It was a defining week of my life and I jumped into Flourish then. I will never forget opening Flourish. I had realized a dream and then I had been gifted with all of the resources I had been looking for, all in one place. I took Immersion this year, and I can say I am a surface pattern designer now."


"Flourish has been a lifeline to my dream of becoming a surface pattern designer/licensed artist. Before I found the Surface Pattern Immersion course and Flourish I felt like an island floating out in a great big sea. I didn't know where to turn for the things I wanted to learn. Flourish has been a storehouse of information and the members are wonderful. Their support and encouragement as well as the mini courses and information Bonnie and her team post regularly has been such a boost for me. I can't express enough how grateful I am for this group!"

Read More Student Stories

"Before beginning my journey with Surface Pattern Design, I was working as an assistant manager and lead merchandiser at a health and wellness company and was looking to make a career change into something more creative. 

Prior to joining Flourish my biggest challenge was definitely my confidence regarding my skill set as an artist and my ability to be successful in a creative role. I knew that I was good but I just didn’t feel like I was good enough to make a career out of it. And on top of that, I KNEW that I wanted to start my own business but I didn’t know how or even what that next step looked like.

Not knowing which direction to pursue left me feeling frustrated and stagnant. I couldn’t help but feel like I was wasting my time and quite frankly my talent on a non creative day job with no side hustle yet. I had this overwhelming desire within me to really do something with my creativity and to create a business out of it, but I didn’t know how to marry the two together. 

Once I joined Flourish I was beyond excited to dive into the lessons around the various stages of a flourishing designer and was amazed at all the resources available! I had previously taken Bonnie Christine’s Surface Design Immersion course and felt that becoming a member of Flourish would ensure my continued success and motivation toward my goals. On top of all the amazing content included with the membership, having a community of fellow designers to connect with has been such a valuable resource! I check in on the private Facebook group daily and take comfort knowing that any roadblocks I may have on my path to being a Surface Pattern Designer can usually be answered by someone else who’s a few steps ahead.

Since joining Flourish at the beginning of May I have been pretty busy! Alongside working through the stages of a flourishing designer (I’m currently at the Root Stage), I’ve also finished 100 patterns in Adobe Illustrator, I’ve decided on a brand name and created a logo, I’ve designed digital prints for my online store, I launched my online store, I published my online portfolio, and I’ve recently had a notebook professionally printed with one of my patterns on it (which was VERY exciting)!

I’m typically someone who keeps to themselves and has a hard time asking for help but one of my many reasons for joining Flourish in the first place was for the community aspect. Having this community has given me so much confidence to move forward with my dreams because I know that I’m not doing it alone. I take comfort in the fact that we’re all in the same boat - just trying to figure it out.

If Surface Pattern Design is something you’re curious or passionate about but you just don’t know how to take that next step or are struggling to know what that even looks like - then this membership is for you! It has the perfect blend of course work to help you organize your mind and strengthen your skill set, while also providing access to an online community of fellow designers and entrepreneurs. Bonnie Christine has such a vast wealth of knowledge from her 10+ years building up her business and working in the industry that her insights and resources are one of the most valuable components of the membership. With each new lesson, live call, and Facebook post I feel as though I have learned so much in such a short amount of time!

I am so grateful to have discovered Bonnie Christine and the supportive and beautiful membership and community that is Flourish."

"Before I discovered surface pattern design I was self-educating and trying to publish my own children's book. I had heard about licensing, but I lacked mentoring and good quality resources for a thriving artist career. I was torn to pieces trying to do different things, which left me feeling uncertain and overwhelmed.  

After joining Flourish I’ve obtained great resources, an amazing community, and a supportive mentor. I’ve been implementing strategies that really work, and I feel more positive and confident that I’m on the right track to achieve my goals. 

The “Focus to Flourish” course helped me figure out how to effectively manage my time and how to successfully integrate my creative goals with my personal life. Flourish lessons and reading suggestions have also been helping me to work on my mindset about being a successful artist. After doing a lot of reading, meeting with my peer group and regular Q&A sessions with Bonnie I have been building my confidence back again, helping me to stay optimistic and hopeful. I am just at the beginning of the journey and I can’t wait to see my transformation year after year!"

"Before I started my journey I had studied graphic design and gemology. My mom had a quilt shop and I was the one that chose the fabrics and made the combinations for clients that needed help with ideas. I’m also a wife and mother of three- Barbara 12, Santiago 11, and Emiliano 9.

My biggest challenge before joining Flourish was trying to figure out how to create patterns and apply them to products. After searching online I still couldn't find a way to learn what I dreamt of doing. I was very frustrated, but determined to find a way to learn. I never stopped creating, painting, and learning new mediums, I just needed something to help me combine it all and make something of it. 

After joining Flourish I have been able to explore the things that I was struggling with. I was able to incorporate my traditional art with digital and best of all I learned how to use my work to make my dream of becoming a surface pattern designer come true. 

One of my biggest accomplishments is being hired as a designer for Art Gallery Fabrics! It is a dream come true for me. I am also working on Children's book illustrations and am currently working on a book that my son wrote. We plan on publishing it soon.

Being in Flourish has taught me to believe in myself. I have learned that working everyday on what you love and dream can get you where you want to be. Even if there is a great deal to learn you can always keep learning while achieving your dream. I cherish the friends I have made in this community and I am so grateful for the encouragement they have given me. Also it's wonderful to have a group to talk to about what you love and friends that understand and speak your same language. 

The story of how I chose surface pattern design is a very special story for me. I always loved art since I was a little girl and took all the art classes you can imagine with all the mediums you can think of. I knew I wanted to do something with my artwork but I just couldn't name it and didn't know exactly what it was.

On my first trip to Houston's Quilt Market I was at Sample Spree buying all the fabric I could (if you have ever been to sample spree you know the madness of rushing from one booth to another hoping to get your hands on the newest fabric collections.) After continuous fabric shopping and carrying those heavy bags I found Art Gallery's Table and Bonnie was there helping. She could see I was tired and we started talking as I looked at the fabric. In that moment I knew this is exactly what I had been looking for, this is where I wanted my art to be. I needed to learn how to do this some way or another. Bonnie told me she was a designer for Art Gallery. I asked her to sign the little tag where it said the name of her collection. I was just so inspired, I got home and started looking and looking. I pinned that tag up on my wall as a reminder I could not give up. I signed up for her newsletter and years later, one day in my inbox was the email announcing the Immersion course. I couldn't believe it! I  finally had found the way to  learn to do what I had anxiously been searching and waiting for. I just could not be more thankful and grateful that I met Bonnie that year during Sample Spree in Quilt  Market.

If this is something you love to do, get ready to learn and have an amazing tool that will guide you through many of the steps that will come up. Flourish will offer solutions all in one place. It definitely is a place where you can make your dream job happen.

I’m very excited to see what fabric lovers make with my fabrics. I’m looking forward to seeing my art out in the world and I look forward to seeing my art on stationary, wallpaper, gift wrap and children's books."


"I have been an artist my whole adult life and most recently, a fine art printmaker for over 22 years. Exhibiting at juried shows and galleries in the Philadelphia area and the Northeast, I have been focusing on both collagraphs and encaustic painting. I have always been inspired by nature and the connections people share. Also an illustrator, I have been working on my first children's book and am now submitting it to publishers. 

Before joining Flourish my biggest challenge was trying to decide what medium to focus on. As a painter, printmaker, illustrator and designer...I felt pulled in so very many directions on any given day and it often became paralyzing. I had a million ideas, but struggled to focus on one and take it to completion. It felt infuriating because I had an abundance of work but I couldn't seem to get any of it out there to people. (Especially since all the shows shut down and were cancelled due to COVID.)

After joining Flourish I realized so many creative people were struggling with the same issues. Bonnie's planner, especially the year long look, was a game changer. That and doing ONE THING EVERY DAY. No matter how down or frustrated or uninspired I felt, just go to bed knowing you did at least ONE thing that moved you toward your goal. Having a community of like minded and like spirited people to help you rise above those days of doubt was THE main difference. And also there was accountability. Suddenly I had someone besides myself to show up for. As an artist and introvert, I could happily hide away and create art for the rest of my days, but I knew I wanted more and there was more to it all. So having a community to play ideas and struggles off of was a creative's life saver! 

After three years of submitting, getting rejected over 6 times and getting very discouraged, I finished my new, reworked book dummy for my children's book and shipped it to more publishers! I signed my first contract with The Textile District! I completed a full collection Weslia Garden  (and am working on my second) exclusively for The Textile District . Soooo excited to be offering 8 designs in 3 colorways and 2 scales!

The obvious skill I have learned from Bonnie is learning Adobe Illustrator for the first time in the 2020 Immersion course. I’ve also learned Keeping at it! Tenacity! Stick-to-it-iveness! Don't give up. Keep going back to it. When you get discouraged...and you WILL...keep going back and reworking, learning more, exchange ideas, reach out, share stories, ask people how they did things, and keep on keeping on! 

I chose surface pattern design because I have ALWAYS loved patterns and textile design. As a fine artist for over 30 years, my work always had some form of pattern and even fabric designs within it, even the work that was most prominently figure based. In my home, I have always enjoyed painting murals on walls and creating beautiful spaces with fabric, textiles and art. So when I wanted to find a new direction to add to my income base, I thought I would try designing the fabrics and wallcoverings myself...and here I am!

My advice to new members is to be prepared to work have to put in the work and keep at it. Keep learning, keep trying new things, keep asking questions, keep being inspired, keep listening to others. If you want to take your creative self to the next level, you will find the most supportive, encouraging, generous, kind, patient group of creatives inside Flourish! They will help you through all your tech issues and offer advice and feedback honestly and openly but in a supportive and nurturing way. Like I tell my young adult daughters, you get in life what you put in and what you give. Nothing happens on its own. But if you want it, there are wonderful, generous talented people like those in the Flourish Community, who are willing to help you get where you want to be. 

On the horizon, I am hoping that a publisher will pick up my illustrated children's book "Wander Out, Wonder In". I’m also creating a second collection for The Textile District, looking for a company to work with for wallcovering design, and putting together two fine art exhibits. I am still working on my ultimate BIG dream...creating a boutique / gallery / workshop space where I can work as well as exhibit my fine art prints, encaustic paintings, textiles, wallcoverings, stationery, and carry other artists' beautiful work. The idea of creating a space where people can come hang out, create in workshops, as well as shop for beautiful items with which to decorate their homes, has been whispering to me for over a decade. It's just a matter of finding the right space and making that leap!

I really never imagined I would be at this point with two collections being offered with a textile company this soon after installing my first Adobe program on my computer in March of this year, 2020. I really had no idea what to expect from Bonnie's Immersion course. I was a newbie in every sense of the word. But between that community, and that of Flourish, I found the encouragement, inspiration and support necessary to realize that this was possible, even at 55 years old. I was pretty nervous about trying to learn something like this at this stage in my life...but I now know it's really never too late. Continue to be inspired. Continue to dream. Continue to work hard. Continue to move your needle forward."

"I stayed home with my girls (I have three!) for several years until they all started school. During a particularly hard time in our lives where I needed work, I found myself filling in for the art teacher at their school. Teaching was so inspiring, and I learned that I loved to teach. When my time there was done, I was ready to begin my art career. I spent a lot of time deciding on whether to work for a company or for myself. I knew that working for myself would be a leap of faith, but I could imagine that with some hard work and dedication, I had an opportunity to grow a business and then be able to go pick up my kids from school just like I always had. What a beautiful thing.

My biggest challenges before joining Flourish had to do with learning. As Bonnie has said, I asked google A LOT of questions.I love to learn, and if I have a question, I always ask. I was pretty determined and VERY interested. I really didn’t mind taking the time to learn from whatever resources I could find, but I did feel like I jumped around constantly, or had to make lists of resources because they weren’t together, specifically the creative and business aspects.

The internet must have recognized my plight. After running into Bonnie’s name several times from other pattern designers, I recognized her immediately on Instagram when she put on a Pattern Workshop last fall. I thought, YES! This is what I needed. I set aside those four days to work on patterns, and I realized then that not only did I find the teacher I was looking for for pattern design, but also ALL of the business and licensing questions I had been looking for. I knew I would have what I needed in Flourish. Not only that, but I found an enormous amount of encouragement.

Since joining Flourish I have gotten so much better at time management and planning. I set out for surface pattern design last fall, knowing that it would take some time and that it would be completely self-initiated. Learning how to set goals and time-block was an important step for me, and I feel closer to accomplishing so many of those goals already.

I cherish the community so much. I am in an amazing, amazing peer group, and I also just started leading a peer group. Gaining peers is something that has meant a great deal to me.

I ultimately chose surface design so that I could sustain the dream of working for myself and taking care of my family - being able to still be a mom in every way. In the beginning, I worked only with clients, and decided that I would eventually get a portfolio together to get more tailored-to-me design projects. My “design” business turned from graphic design to surface pattern design very quickly, though… like, within two months.

I remember one design project I was working on, where I had a very quick turnaround for the client. They wanted animals on this poster, and I thought, “ooh, I could draw animals for them!” But, I didn’t have the time. I remember being a little disappointed, but as a designer I went right over to Creative Market to license some hand-drawn animals. As I clicked the license button, it dawned on me for the first time - “I wish I was the one drawing the animals and selling it over and over again.” That was the defining moment… it also suddenly aligned even more with my vision of being able to support my family AND have more time with them. That thought paired with the hundreds of questions that followed led me to the world of surface pattern design. What’s so interesting is that I grew up in a quilt shop. My mom taught classes and I remember going up and down the isles for years, touching all of the fabric. I was always analyzing and picking apart the designs on packaging everywhere I went, and admiring the artwork on greeting cards, walls, and other everyday things. It just seems like it all came full circle, and where I had been and what I had done led me right to here, right now. 

Inside Flourish, there are so many people there to help lead you to where you want to go. Bonnie has laid out a remarkable foundation and you will find the answers to your questions. If you don’t find it right away, there are so many in the community who not only have the answer but have the experience. What’s also amazing is that there is experience here from pre-beginner to seasoned accomplished.

On the horizon, I am launching two collections and my website is finally up! I am also working with friends at The Wild Mother here in Oklahoma City for some gorgeous mockup photos and we are dreaming together to help make my collections and visions tangible. That is pretty exciting for me! I cannot wait to begin sending out my portfolio to different industries. It will be such a blessed day when I can see my work out there. I can’t wait to be an encouragement to others."


"I originally studied Fashion Design & Art History, focusing largely on textile design and costume history. I think this is where my journey with Surface Pattern Design really began!  For a while I drifted away from it, working in a product development role in the fashion industry. Always taking classes, I studied Gemology, Jewelry Design, and the History of Jewelry Design.  Eventually I transitioned into the fine jewelry industry where I worked as the jewelry designer and production manager for a natural fancy color diamond house and later as a jewelry specialist, researching antiques and doing gem identification for a secondary market retailer. Looking back, I realize that I am simply fascinated by design, across industries and throughout time. 

I think my biggest challenge prior to joining Flourish was that I knew it was time to bring art back into the center of my life, to make a living from what I loved most, but I did not know how to achieve it. I did not have the language to describe my goals.  Worst of all I had no confidence. I approached Surface Pattern Design like an outsider looking in.  Um, imposter syndrome much? I assumed that being an independent artist was somehow out of my reach. 

I felt stuck, not content where I was, but without the tools to make a much needed change.  Also, as someone with many interests, I struggled with the idea of being pigeonholed.  I was confused as to which direction to go in next, often feeling forced to choose between an art and design career that kept me in or near the city, and my preferred outdoorsy, nature lover, gardener, hiker, kayaker lifestyle. 

Finding and joining Flourish was my “point of no return” moment. Joining this membership was when I made a firm commitment to actively pursue my dream. I realized that I did have options! I saw that there were plenty of others out there who felt the same way I did. 

Since joining Flourish I have not only outlined my long term goals, but have confidently announced them to others. I completed the Immersion course, gained essential Illustrator skills, and formed my business. I am now creating and sharing artwork on a consistent basis. 

This community has taught me how to open up and share my work, something that was previously hard for me to do. 

I think I have been heading towards a career in Surface Pattern Design for a long time, I just didn’t realize it.  This is the perfect fit for me, as it combines so many of my interests and abilities and allows me to live a creative, multifaceted life.  It is so exciting to know that I have the opportunity to take the best aspects of my past jobs and merge them into one super job!  The freedom of time and location that I have always dreamed of now feels attainable. 

If you are considering joining Flourish I would say, “Do it!” The resources and community aspect of this membership are invaluable and have really helped me to grow.  As an introvert, it can be so easy to withdraw, but being an active member within Flourish has kept me connected to the outside world and to a vast network of diverse and talented people.  I have so much to learn from them! It also helped me to stop comparing myself, and to understand that the talent of others does not diminish my own. There really is room for all of us. 

I am looking forward to completing my website and my portfolio by the end of this summer, as well as selling my designs through print on demand sites. I am nervous, but excited to begin reaching out to potential partners, and have begun my research and lists for that next step. 

Thank you for taking an interest in my journey! I hope to become someone who can in turn help others and be a positive force in the world." 

"Before surface pattern design I had many jobs, which have ranged from content creation and branding to project management and PR. I've been at my current day job for 6 years, where my role is currently Events Producer. I don't have the financial means to be a full-time SPD-er yet (sadly!!). But now pretty much everyone I know (including my colleagues) are aware of my SPD journey, and I have people left, right and centre cheering me on and telling me this could easily be a full time career for me, which is super encouraging! 

My biggest challenge prior to joining Flourish was the fact that I was bursting with ideas of how I wanted to proceed to the next level but was just so overwhelmed with everything whirring around my brain. I was setting unrealistic goals for unrealistic time periods. I was sad that I wasn't meeting my (unrealistic!) goals and felt like I was being too slow. As an outcome of this, I was also constantly battling the thought that my dreams were just dreams and wouldn't become a reality, which was very depressing. I KNEW I was born to create and the prospect of not ever being able to make a living out of this was really horrible. 

After joining Flourish I was astonished at the encouragement from the community. It really helped to boost my confidence! My first post in the group where I introduced myself got the kindest comments, and helpful ones too  - people were trying to help describe my style - which I was able to use later on when I conducted my own Style Review document in January. Looking at Bonnie's Stages of a Flourishing Designer was brilliant too - it helped me see more clearly that it's OK not to have accomplished X yet, because I'm still at Stage Y and X doesn't come until later. The abundance of resources helped me to feel empowered. 

Since joining Flourish I’ve launched my website and within a week of launching it I got two enquiries! One is still ongoing and won't be a moneymaker if it turns into anything. But the OTHER one turned into my first licensing deal! A new wallpaper company has licensed three of my designs and I was able to negotiate what I feel is a pretty good fee. I can't describe what a confidence boost this was, it's really spurred me on to work for the future I want.

A skill that I have acquired since being in this community is the ability to ask for help. This is something I've never been comfortable doing but it's sooo important in order to proceed. I'm a member of a few other FB groups but I always felt if I asked one question, I couldn't ask another one for months! There's been times where I've put up loads of posts in a week in Flourish and to be constantly met with such positivity and encouragement makes me feel like I won't be afraid to ask more questions in the future.

Why did I choose surface design? I'm pretty sure it chose me!! I studied Fine Art at college and it was by far my favourite thing, but I went on to do English at university. As soon as I'd graduated I'd felt I'd made a mistake - but I just didn't know what to do about it. 

It was losing my mum to cancer two and a half years ago that really spurred me on. I still didn't have a full understanding of SPD but I KNEW then how important it was to achieve my dreams and live the life I wanted. This may sound a bit morbid, but even while I was sitting next to her at her hospital bed did I dream up a collection that I knew I one day needed to make in her name (I'm still working on that one, but it's going to happen). A fierce amount of googling then led me to properly discover SPD and I took Bonnie's Creative Live class. I've never looked back! 

If you are on the fence about joining Flourish, please join! It's such a supportive community and it's truly global - you'll meet people who share your dreams and outlooks from all over the world. The ability to ask Bonnie direct questions every WEEK is just not something I think you can get elsewhere. Plus - I never thought I'd be sharing my story with 2.5k fellow surface pattern designers, yet here we are!!

I was planning on ramping up my business around this time anyway, but I now have the potential of being made redundant from my day job due to Covid, so I am feeling more determined than ever. That, and the fact my first baby is due in November! I now feel fully responsible (in a nice way) for building a business that's going to benefit her in so many ways - financially and in the sense that I could spend as much time with her as possible.

Thank you to Bonnie, Tessie and the Flourish Community for being so awesome!"


"Six years ago I was running my own business selling my embroidered art, sewn goods and art prints. It was going really well and I was beginning to be featured in sewing magazines and popular blogs however life suddenly took a turn.

I luckily fell pregnant with our second child, however four months into the pregnancy it turned into a nightmare which turned our life upside down. 

Thankfully our son arrived into the world safely and we were told by the hospital it was a miracle he survived. We felt so blessed to have him but looking back it probably took me over a year to come to terms with how the trauma of the experience affected me. My business was low on my list of priorities and I delayed re-opening the shop. 

I never stopped drawing, embroidering and writing everyday as it feeds my soul but I stopped sharing my work and the thought of restarting my business began to scare me. Without realizing it I had abandoned my creative career and my confidence dwindled.

Then three years ago one sleep deprived night I came across Bonnie’s classes on Skillshare. I hadn’t really understood what Surface Pattern Design was before, let alone how to make a repeat. It felt like I had found the secret door to a magical world. I was smitten instantly by this new way to apply my art to surfaces and couldn’t believe I could design my own fabric to use with my embroidery. Storytelling is an integral part of my artwork and the idea of working in collections was an epiphany as I could let my imagination run free and share my vision more completely.

I took all of Bonnie’s classes and focused on learning this new skill but it wasn’t until I took a two week workshop with her on Skillshare that I started to believe it might be a serious career option for me. I was delighted to be picked by Bonnie to win a Skillshare scholarship for a year. Moreover it was the feedback from Bonnie though that lifted my heart and I used that gift of education to keep practising and learning.

This took me to about nine months ago and although I knew where I wanted to head, I was intimidated by the idea of starting a whole new business again especially as I started to realise the handmade marketplace had been changing and evolving and the social media landscape had really changed - I hadn’t even used Instagram previously. I felt left behind but knew I had to overcome these feelings and this is when I decided to join Flourish.

I knew Flourish would be a warm and welcoming community because Bonnie’s generosity permeates everything she does but I had no idea how much this would change everything for me. It truly is the most encouraging and non-competitive community I have ever had the privilege to be a part of. To witness everyone celebrating a member creating a new pattern as enthusiastically as someone getting a new licensing deal is a beautiful thing and validates everyone’s dreams in such an empowering way. Seeing others pursuing their dreams is contagious - and also having access to shared industry information makes you feel like your dream will happen if you just put the work in and push through any doubts or fears. I also belong to an accountability group within Flourish and speaking regularly to a group of women who understand all I am going through is so uplifting and motivating. It really feels like we are moving forward together and each task someone completes is a collective win.We share our knowledge and try to find solutions to challenges that come along.

I was planning on taking Immersion next year however felt I needed to take action and commit to my dreams and took the 2020 course. That, teamed with belonging to Flourish filled me with the confidence to make my dreams public. Within the last five months I have created my own website, started an Instagram account and completed my first portfolio. I’m enjoying sharing my work with others again and feel excited to start approaching fabric companies. I am also working on opening a shop soon selling my embroidery patterns and illustrated goods. 

My dream is for others to use the designs I create to pursue their creative journeys and make heirlooms their ancestors will treasure. I’m so excited about the future and feel thankful that not only did Bonnie show me the secret door, she handed me the key and invited me and so many others in."


MEET: Lucía

"I have a degree in Fashion Design and worked many years at a design agency as well as freelance for other clients. After having my two boys, my priorities changed: I wanted to be home for them but also have a thriving creative career. My biggest challenge was not knowing where to begin and not believing that I had something new or special to show. I felt overwhelmed, scared, and full of imposter syndrome. 

With Bonnie’s roadmap, the useful videos, tutorials and Q&A’s I soon started gaining confidence and clarity about my goals and dreams. Seeing other creative and talented artists and designers deal with the same issues gave me strength to keep going. Seeing them succeed gave me hope and encouragement. The community is so helpful, supportive and respectful!

After joining Flourish, I started creating collections like crazy and showing my work on Instagram. Soon after, I got contacted by Dandelion Fabric & Co and signed my first licensing contract. They will launch three of my collections next fall! 

Some skills I acquired thanks to Flourish are time management, goal setting, honing my style, and working in cohesive collections. These skills have given me the clarity I needed to create with freedom and purpose. 

Being a fashion designer, I always loved fabrics but I didn’t think that I was capable of designing them until now. Bonnie’s words “There’s room for you” still resonate with me as I pursue my passion of creating prints and patterns.  

Do yourself a favor and do it! You and your dreams are worth it. You will access a lot of information and resources about print and pattern design but also how to grow your career and live a beautiful and creative life."

"I graduated from California State University Sacramento in December of 2013 with a B.A. in Art Studio and a focus in digital art. I thought I wanted to be a character designer or concept artist for animation or video games, but after my internship I was left feeling drained and worried that I would never have the energy to create for myself. I decided that I’d much rather work an 8 to 5 office job than risk turning art into something that felt like unsatisfying work to me. 

I couldn’t justify the cost of traditional art school, but like many artists, I have a ceaseless desire to continue improving and growing, so I turned to online learning, and one of the first platforms I found was Skillshare. Shortly after I joined in early 2015, I discovered Bonnie’s pattern design classes and I’ve been working towards becoming a pattern designer ever since. I joined Flourish in 2016, and have never looked back!

Before joining Flourish my biggest challenge was a lack of direction. I always knew I wanted to be an artist of some sort, but I had no idea how that would look professionally. I was ready to refocus my efforts onto another career path entirely, but then I discovered surface pattern design and Flourish, and at last, I found something that I felt I was good at, was marketable, and didn’t make art feel like draining work to me. 

After joining Flourish I found direction. I had a real goal that I was instantly passionate about achieving. I felt a drive and determination within me that I had never felt before. Learning more about licensing design work opened up a huge world of possibilities to me that I had no real awareness of before. 

I recently signed my first licensing contract with a fabric company, and I’m so incredibly excited! I cried when I got the email, as this is something I’ve been working towards for five years. 

The greatest skills I have learned from Flourish are knowing how to market myself, get my work seen, become better at time management, and understand the administrative side of things. Also, thanks to the Immersion course, I have become proficient in Adobe Illustrator. 

Surface pattern design is something that I never get tired of doing. I could arrange motifs into technical repeats all day every day if it were possible. Pattern design allows me to create for my career and for myself.

Bonnie’s guidance and mentorship has truly been life changing for me. I consider her to be my personal mentor due to her generous style of teaching and sharing what she knows. I’ve said it countless times to my friends and family, but I really do feel as though I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for her teachings.

I’m looking forward to my fabric collection’s upcoming release and I’m excited to revamp my portfolio and start sending it out to companies again. I haven’t felt so excited to do that in a while!"

"Flourish has been such an amazing source of guidance + inspiration. I completely credit Bonnie Christine to opening my eyes to the world of surface pattern design and leading in such a friendly, humble way." - Jennie

Learn from Bonnie Christine 

Internationally renowned Surface Pattern Designer, Entrepreneur and Award Winning Online Educator.


Bonnie has been creating artwork for brands and products around the world since 2009.

Her journey of being a completely self-taught designer and learning 'the hard way' is exactly what drives her passion for teaching. Over the past 8 years, she’s taught over 60,000 students the art of surface pattern design and the business side of being a successful creative entrepreneur.  

Flourish is a community for surface designers and artists unlike any other, showing you how to create and sustain a creative business while connecting you with over 2000 like-minded designers that generously shares support, resources and feedback. If you’ve ever felt like you’re alone in your endeavors, this community will become your new creative family!

It’s where business and art collide as we discuss authentic growth, heartfelt marketing and growing your online business for longterm success. 


“Flourish has become my SPD family. It’s an amazing community full of generous and inspiring people. The content is equally amazing and so helpful." - Jennifer

Registration Closes Tuesday

Registration is open until Tuesday, October 27th at 11:59pm PST. The next time it opens will be April, 2021.









"It is as if you have grabbed hold of my hand and led me on a journey, helping me to navigate this thing called surface pattern design. Bonnie, you are incredibly giving and kind, and your knowledge of the industry, and willingness to share EVERYTHING is absolutely incredible. I have grown to LOVE creating artwork, patterns and designs, and look forward to even more growth, with your help and guidance. Thank you!"

Deborah Jeffrey

"I adore the membership because it has given me the creative friends that I was desperately yearning for. My daily life was filled with great people and relationships but no one quite understood my big dreams and the ins and outs of making those big dreams become a reality. Inside, I have found like minded creative people that understand exactly what I am going through and are always willing to listen, lift and encourage. "

Tessie Snow

"Finding the this community opened up my eyes to the wonderful world of surface pattern design, and I haven't looked back since! It is not only a tremendous resource for SPD-related information, but also such an incredibly supportive and generous community. I really feel a genuine connection with like minded people in this group, which has been instrumental (essential!) in keeping me going and pursuing this career."

Sophia van Hees

"This membership has given me a community of like minded creatives, all on different stages of their journey and all willing to share their knowledge and stories to help inspire and support each other. It’s provided me with a wealth of knowledge, and instant access to skills refreshers, tutorials and inspiring artists that I wouldn’t otherwise have. "

Jo Richards

"Bonnie cares deeply about helping others succeed. If you want to start or grow a creative business this is the place to find the answers to your questions, the resources you need and the support to pursue your dreams. I’m so glad I joined!"

Elizabeth Leigh

"Fundamental to the well being of makers and those who bring creativity in their daily lives, is the need to connect with like-minded creatives - to be a part of a community that laughs, forgives, supports, inspires and teaches. Bonnie's membership is that place - a virtual respite and learning center ... a familiar place that validates creativity and reinforces both the tangible and intangible tools we all need to continue on our maker journey."

Sharon Rego

"This membership brought a whole new world into my vision. Being a graphic designer in a totally different arena, I had no idea how much I have been missing until I stumbled upon the membership. It's ignited a passion that truly brings love and meaning into my life learning this process. Nearing retirement, feeling this venue will keep my creative mind working a long time...a new hobby or career. Flourish provides comfort, yet pushes one to step out of the comfort zone to expand one's self-imposed limits to conquer the fear factor. The support and resources from the membership are truly phenomenal."

MaryLou Wade

"I have been a member for many years. The thing that I adore about Bonnie's community is the love, attention and support that she pours into it. She and her tribe are so incredibly positive and supportive! I always feel safe to share ideas, ask for inspiration or share my challenges in this beautiful group. Flourish is also a fantastic resource for inspiration. Whenever I am feeling stuck creatively, a visit to the membership helps to perk me up & draws the creativity out of me in such a positive and lovely way. I will forever be a member. ♥"

Julie Miller

"This is an amazing wealth of resource you are providing. I have not found any other resource that speaks so honestly and willingly about so many different topics related to SPD, as well as sharing tutorials and learning opportunities. It is a gift to be a part of this membership. "

Diane Sullivan

Frequently Asked Questions

Nope! Flourish is a monthly membership, with new content added each week. Many of my course students join Flourish as way to continue their education, grow roots in a like-minded community and receive longterm support. 

After you join Flourish, you’ll receive a welcome email with your unique log in details. Once you login, Members will have immediate access to the entire library of content and enjoy new content delivered each Friday, as outlined in the syllabus.

Each month’s premium content will be added as a lesson inside the private membership portal and announced via email. You can work through the content on any of your devices. 

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Nope! :) 100% of the course content is hosted directly within the private student membership site and you can interact with other members using the comments section on each post. Members are always invited to ask questions for live calls in advance, and the video replays are always added to the membership site. Many students do find the private Facebook community a great way to connect and get feedback on their work, though!

Great question! I designed these two programs to compliment each other, while also stand on their own. 

Immersion is an in-depth 8 week course that teaches Adobe Illustrator and acutely focuses on becoming a surface pattern designer.

Flourish is a monthly membership with content delivered each week (which then gets archived into The Library). I do not train on Illustrator within Flourish, rather we focus on strategies for longterm growth as an artist or designer. A few examples of trainings that I cover in Flourish would be developing a productive workflow, building your brand, growing an authentic following, Email list growing, heartfelt marketing, selling online as an artist and the art of copywriting. We also do a live Q&A call each month and a design challenge.

I suggest really going through The Library to see what all is offered. We would love to have you! :)

Your membership may be canceled at any time, no questions asked (it's simple to do inside the private membership portal). Due to the digital nature of the tribe, refunds are not available, so be sure we're a good fit before you purchase!

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Yes! FLOURISH memberships are available to purchase as gifts. Just e-mail me for details at [email protected]


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